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Dec 2012
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3.5 Lbs Munton's premium lager pre-hopped malt extract
1lb 10 oz dark brown-sugar
8 oz pealed bananas (roughly three average sized bananas)
1 Ec-1118 15 minute starter batch (1 pack ec-1118, 1 tbsp sugar, 1/2 cup water @90 degrees mix-in, and wait for foam to form on top - should take 15 minutes)
5 tsp yeast nutrient

1. Puree bananas in a gallon of reverse osmosis water in a B.A. (Big-Arse) stockpot with immersion blender while heating mixture.
2. Add brown-sugar and blend in
3. Add another gallon of reverse osmosis water and the extract.
4. Accidentally drop the can of extract into the heated water.
5. Use the blender to thoroughly mix the solution of banana and pre-hopped extract.
6. Heat to 170-175F for an hour after adding beano.
7. Boil for an hour.
8. Add reverse osmosis water to a total of 5 gallons in 6.5 gallon carboy
9. pitch yeast (15 minute starter) and nutrient
10. Shake carboy like crazy for 2 minutes
11. Put on air-lock and wrap in your trench coat liner
12. Ferment in kitchen to piss off your wife
13. wait for burbs on airlock to slow to below once a minute for about 3 days
14. Add carbonation tabs to all bottles as per man. instructions
15. Fill bottles and place in 60-62 degrees for 5 weeks.
16. Disregard floaties from carbonation tablet binding agent
17. chill for 24 hours
18. Happily share with other friends who brew and enjoy!

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