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Dec 2012
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Hi All,
Been making some brews for a few months now, some good, some not so good, but having a great time. Have learned so much from all your input on various topics for which I am greatful.

Sometimes I use a secondary, sometimes not. Regardless of yes or no, I always rack to a separate bucket for bottling to mix the priming sugar and to keep at least most of the trub/cake (or whatever the sediment in the bottom is properly called) out of the bottles. I see some posts about bottling straight from the primary, so am I taking bad risks of oxidation/infection by what I am doing, or should I be just adding the priming sugar to the last fermentation vessel and bottle from there?

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Dec 2012
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Either way.

Yes, transferring to a new bucket before bottling adds risk, but you can minimize it by properly sanitizing and using good handling procedures.

Some say that racking from primary prevents oxidation by removing a siphon transfer. For everyday brew, I doubt its that bug of a deal.
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You are doing it right. Don't worry.

Yes rack from the fermenter to the bottling bucket with the priming sugar solution. Minimize aeration (keep tube below beer level) and you will be fine. Any minimal oxidation you get will be scrubbed by the yeast during priming.

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What Calder said.
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Yep,def rack to the bottling bucket for priming,keeping the end of the racking tube below the surface of the beer to prevent oxidation. Add priming solution to the swirling beer as it racks over.
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