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i have been brewing 10gal batches and using 2 different yeast strains for fermentation of the same wort. i thought i would post some observation and hope other brewers can add more results, maybe at some point we can make add poll or make a nice big list, anyway its not a lot for now but this is what i have so far (most of the time fermentation temperature was the same for both carboys)
-Saison- brewed 3 times, 3711 vs 3724= 3711 is clearly the winner, much preferred flavor profile and easy to maintain through fermentation
-IPA, DIPA, pale ale and amber ale- us04 vs us05 vs nottingham vs windsor, it is kind of mix bag but general conclusion for me: us05 always finish few points lower than 04 so i prefer it in ipa/dipa beers, notty and 04 are very similar, i used windsor once and never gona try it again,
-Belgian beers-3787 vs 1214, used for tipples, doubles and dark strong, 3787 is the winner but im still waiting for bds to age as relatively young sample was very interesting with 1214, still 3787 gives more flavor to the beer
-stout- just one very fresh brew, danys favorite 1450 vs cal lager (i know i know wired mix), both fermented at 60F, hydro sample only but cal lager was better so far

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In my experience, 1214 tastes better after some age. It's too dominated by simple banana esters when it's young, for me anyway.

I've done some split batches recently as well.

3522 (Achouffe) and 3711 were used for a Belgian IPA. They both came out fantastic. 3522 went down to 1.009 from 1.074, 3711 went to .998. 3522 was thus 8.5% abv or so, and the 3711 was 10%. They were both quite tasty but for me, the 3711 marries to hop flavor better. It just works really well in conjunction with the dry hops, Nelson Sauvin. Both were great, as I said, though.

Did a 3 way split for a Belgian Golden Strong with White Labs WLP530, 570 and 545. The 545 kicked out a lot of diacetyl and I hated it. 530(3787-Westmalle) came out lovely and 570(1388-Duvel) was probably even nicer. The Duvel was cloudy for an extended period and took much longer to finish, but even so, it seems it will marry up with the hops, Saaz in this case, quite nicely. Both yeasts took it from 1.082 to 1.009. Just bottled this last week, so can't give full insight yet.

I took all three of those and repitched them even though they're taken from a high gravity ferment. Pitched into another Belgian IPA, this one 1.080.

Checked the gravity recently and they were like so:

545: 1.002. Dry and tasty. No diacetyl with this one, luckily. Has some character in common with Wyeast 3711 with this beer, though not as nice. Fruity and spicy. A touch harsh, but it was still young.

530: 1.008. Seems too soft somehow. Seems to diminish the hops and play up the malt a bit more. Not very complex. Perhaps not as good for a Belgian IPA, though time will tell once dry hops are used.

570: 1.006. When tasted, it still had a lot of yeast in suspension, but was pretty good anyway. Seems to emphasize the hops more than 530 does.

Those were all tasted about 2 weeks ago. Not dry hopped yet. This recipe used a lot of Saaz in it.

Anyway, that's it for the recent split batches. I just brewed a Dunkel last Sunday that I split as well, with WLP833 and WLP820, so I will report back on that, though it will take some time with the lagering and everything.

3711 is awesome, eh?


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I don't do split batches but have used these yeasts a lot.

Saisons. both 3724 and 3711 are both good yeasts. 3724 does require better temp control to get the most out of it. I give a slight nod to 3711 because it produces a crips dry saison easily. But will continue to use both.

IPA's. I like one that you did not mention... 1272. Nice flavor and drops out very clear.

Belgians.. You picked my two favorites. Both 1214 and 3787 have great flavors. This one for me is a toss up but for BDSA's maybe a slight preference for 1214. For dubbels and tripels maybe a slight preference for. 3787. But both work great in all of these styles.

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