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Nov 2012
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+1 on the salmon! A jerked or bbq pork shoulder is killer in the smoker too.

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Awesome info jwitt! ill post back with my first smoke attempt think im going to do the chicken wings and finish them under the broiler to crisp them up.
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Originally Posted by jwitt View Post

"Salmon" says .45/70, who is from Washington, and probably snacks on salmon smoked on Alder all the time! Lucky fellow! (A friend says Red Alder charcoal makes great blackpowder, and it sure is good for fish)
If you want to go on that...

Sturgeon, Oysters, steamer clams
Let's see if I keep this updated!

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Nov 2012
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I hate to be the nay sayer but don't smoke anything yet. The 3-2-1 method is for Hawaiian shirted amateurs who have taste buds in their sphincters! You really need to learn only a few simple easy methods to do great BBQ.

Just get this book and learn.

Everything else comes easy when you learn the basics. No soaking wood chips, no crutching (3-2-1 ribs, foiling with broth, finishing in the over or broiler, etc), and no over-priced gadgetry. Simple and basic methods for controlling your smoker is what you need to learn first! Everything else will fall into place!

These pork shoulders were done using LUMP hardwood charcoal and fist sized chunks of hickory and apple. They were smoked that way for 9 hours.

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I'd vote for pork butt. It's an inexpensive cut of meat, it's very forgiving if you make noob mistakes, and it's AWESOME when done. Just trim the fat, give it a nice rub, put it in at 275, let it sit unmolested until it gets to 200ish IT, rest, pull and serve with a nice sauce.

EDIT: Oh, and is a great forum too.
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Mar 2012
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One point about the 3-2-1 method... Everybody's cooker cooks different, so the 3-2-1 is not a hard set timeline. When you do the 3-2-1 for the first time your ribs may be overcooked. Adjust the "2" down to one hour for a 2-1-1 maybe less depending on how you like your ribs. And get spare ribs for the 3-2-1... Baby backs for me cook way too fast to use that method. But don't be afraid to change the timeline.

I too am a member of BBQ-brethren dot com as well, that place is loaded with information, and the folks there are all about helping each other.
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Aug 2012
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That picture really makes me miss pork shoulder. While I have been arguing on this site that there is no such things as too cold for brewing in MN there is definitely a time when it is too cold for smoking and that time is now. Especially with a ten dollar piece of junk smoker I got on craigslist.
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Originally Posted by OldDirty View Post
I have much want at the moment...
Originally Posted by passedpawn View Post
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Feb 2012
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Ribs and chicken are easy and good for starting out. There is a ton of information on . I also like to smoke salmon and use this dry brine . You can add some garlic powder and brushing with honey or maple syrup then smoke alder wood.

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Nov 2012
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I have smoked turkeys, chickens(whole and parts), pork loins, and boston butt multiple times. The one that has never been bad is the Boston Butt so I would go with that.
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