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More specifically, the "older" guys who have been brewing for a while and are in this forum and help us noobs out...

Two months ago, I got an idea to brew my own beer. My wife figured it was just another of my wild assed hobby ideas and it would pass like all of the rest. We went out and bought a Mr. Beer kit and I came home and brewed that kit. I then did what I always do...I went online and found a forum.

Now, I will find a forum for anything that I am interested in...I have even owned and run a few large forums myself, so I know the information that can be found in forums. Anyway, I Googled home brewing forums and this one came up first. I clicked the link, came here, and started reading and researching and asking questions.

At first, I didnt expect much. I really expected this to be a stuck up group of people who really didnt want to talk to the "noob" who asks too many questions. What I FOUND was the most downhome, laid back group of people I have ever had the pleasure of having a conversation with.

You guys have helped me, you have taught me, you have scolded me (to make me better...and it worked!), and you have taken time to answer any questions that I may have had, no matter how stupid they sounded to you. Did any of you guys HAVE to do this? Hell no, but you took the time out of your brewing and your days and hours to sit in front of your computer and help me and anyone else who has come seeking help. Your knowledge and your advice have helped us to no end. For this, I thank you!

I hope to be able to be considered one of the "older" guys in the next few years as I grow and learn from you people here. I hope that the advice that I have received will let me help that guy who thought he needed a new hobby and decided to pick that Mr. Beer kit up. I can only hope. Until then, I hope you guys will continue to put up with me and my other beginner brethren as we continue to bombard you with questions that Im sure you get tired of hearing.

Having said all of that...I just want to say a great big THANK YOU and I want to wish you ALL a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year. Here is to another great year in 2013...and here is to this forum and the people who visit here and help the new guys! You ALL ROCK!!!


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Ditto. I'm in the same position and feel the same way

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It's because everyone here drinks beer. Beer is supposed to mellow us out!

There really are a lot of great people here, all of whom I would be honored to meet in real life. These great people have tons of knowledge. So, they do deserve a huge THANK YOU!

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Happy Holidays to you too. I think kevokie hit it on the head. Just like the 'real' brewers who aren't afraid to share and collaborate on their commercial systems, most in here have a passion for beer. I love when you go to Stone or Oskar Blues, sit down at their pubs and they don't only have their own brews on tap, but ones from the surrounding breweries as well. 99% of us love to help and talk about beer in general. It won't take long til your an "old head" and you'll be answering questions too.

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What a great letter. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

It really made me reflect on my beginnings into the hobby a couple years ago. I had the same experiences as you with t this great group of folks. It is almost like a second family.

Merry Christmas

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Agreed! Noob, here, too. Great experience on here, completely different than other message boards

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Amen to all of the above. Like most or all of us here, I have joined other forums for the other hobbies I've been interested in at the time, were I've been "greeted" with snide remarks, rude comments and out right hate. Probably because they felt I was invading in on something they thought was exclusively theirs. While here I was warmly welcomed given a beer and told to make myself at home. Despite being bombarded with the same questions day after. You all take them in stride and answer them again and again. Maybe because this is more then a hobby. It's more of away of life. We are thinking of our next brew all the while we're enjoying our latest brew. My wife have even given you all a name, you're all "My Beer Buds"

So thank you all, please be safe this Holiday Season, enjoy your family and friends. Cheers!

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What a great post!!! Seasons greeting from the great white noth, to all the folks on HB talk! I lurk more than I post ; but you can ask any question on almost any subject and get good honest answers without ridicule from the fine people involved here. A special thanks goes to our moderators for sharing the vast knowledge & making sure things are kept civil! Brew on and MERRY CHRITMAS to all. Cheers

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Years ago I used to have subscriptions to all kinds of magazines, but now those subscriptions have lapsed over the years due to the plethora of info I find online with forums like this one.

One thing I think the "cyberbrewers" should take into account, especially those new at the craft like myself, is to step back and see what and how the home brewers before the internet got it done. Think about these members here that have been brewing much longer than HBT and other message boards have existed. Those guys/gals didn't have the option to "google it" when they needed to know ways to improve their skills. IMO, it was much harder to be a home brewer in the 80s than today. Technology has spoiled us.

This is true for any hobby, not just home brewing and for that, I'm am truly humbled.
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I couldn't agree more. As a noob, this forum is the first place I go for real answers, from real brewers. You don't need to google, to find an article which addresses your question, hiding in a dark corner of the web. No matter how obscure the question, there are numerous people here, ready to start posting specific answers to your question, within minutes.

Having only been brewing for a couple of months, there is no beer or recipe I can't tackle, with the wealth of expertise in this forum. In the modern world of instant information, HBT is my homebrew bible.

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