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Nov 2011
Bremerton, Washington
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Just thought this could be a fun way to brag and teach newer brewers myself included how to get the most out of their grain. And to see the differences in different systems. I have a 10 gallon mash tun and use local homebrew shop grain crushed. I hybrid fly sparge and usually get around 55 to 65 % efficiency.

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Jul 2012
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I use LHBS Crush batch sparging 5 gallon batches and usually hit around 85% mash efficiency.

Edit: oh and I use a 7.5gallon turkey fryer with bazooka screen and ball valve added.

Use a hydrometer for Testing and beer alchemy for recipe recording and data computations.
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Jan 2012
san diego, california
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Very, very rarely deviate too much from around 70%. It's just basic batch sparging. I'm sure I could do stuff to get it higher, but I like the consistent results even if the efficiency isn't that high, not to mention, most published recipes seem calibrated to around 70-75% so it makes adjustments to any other person's recipe pretty easy most of the time.

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Jul 2012
Malmoe, Sweden
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I usually do batch sparge in a bucket in bucket mash tun, and get around 60 % mash efficiency. But the last brew day i tried a biab with a mash out and a small "sprinkle sparge" with 1 gallon of hot water to get the right preboil volume. Mash efficiency went up to 80%

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Oct 2010
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75-80% depending on crush. Simple batch sparge in a 10 gal rubbermaid cooler w/ s/s braid.
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Jan 2012
Richmond, VA
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i bought a cheap corona mill off amazon to control my crush, run it a little finer than the brew store and that seemed to help a good bit. i use a cooler mash lauter tun with SS braid and double batch sparge. i was hitting 75% for first 5-7 all grain brews, then as i dialed my process in to get correct volume post-boil, i added more water to double batch sparging and went up to 85% for standard gravity brews. on higher gravity brews, 1.065 and up, i add more water to the double batch sparge and boil longer- 115 mins my the longest so far. beers above 1.070 i hover right around 83% efficiency.
sometimes i cut the ratio of mash water to lbs of grain down to 1.1 qts per lb, as opposed to my standard 1.3 qts/lb so i dont have to jump up to a longer boil time. if i can boil for 70 as opposed to 90 mins by cutting the mash water a bit, I probably do. this allows for more sparge water to rinse the grain but allows me to stay at a lower boil time.

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Feb 2012
Omaha, NE
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I batch sparge in a Coleman extreme cooler with a SS tube screen. The following I found help bump my efficiency from upper 68-70% up to 80-82%:
Mash thinner - after reading Kaiser's work I tried it and usually for lower OG beers I mash at 2.0 qt/lb. higher OG beer I mash at 1.75 qt/lb
Crush fine - my LHBS crush sucked. And I wasn't impressed with NB or AHS crushes either. So bought a corona mill and set the gap so tight I was scared (see corona mill threads).
Use Bru'n water - started out using the 5.2 mash stabilizer in my mash water. After much research it appears 5.2 is useless. Instead adjusting your mash water with some basic electrolytes and minerals has proven easier than I thought to do. Keeps my mash Ph in range every time. Google Bru'n water for the download.
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Apr 2012
Charlottesville, Va
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LHBS double crush.

75% when I traditional BIAB.
80% when I BIAB-sparge.
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Jul 2012
Grundy, IL
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This is all for mash efficiency. My volumes are fairly accurate.

I started out batch sparging and getting 65-75%. Had a stuck sparge which forced me to switch to fly-sparging and efficiency jumped into mid 80% side note both were dark ales. Low efficiency problem solved. Nope, I brewed a pale ale and got mid 60%s again. Gotta be the mash ph. I started adjusting my water and got mid 80%s with my most recent wheat. Hooray problem solved again. Nope, brewed an IPA and got low 60%s. All crush was LHBS. Current, thinking is I need my own mill. Waiting until after the holiday season when some cash will free up and pick myself up a mill.

tl;dr Poor LHBS crush giving me inconsistent efficiency ranging from low 60s% to high 80%s.

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Jul 2011
Them Scary Woods, FL
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My LHBS crushes too coarse so I like to pulse my grains a few times in an old food processor I have. Amps up my efficiency from 60% to just short of 80%. Fly sparge from HLT (bottling bucket with a hose run to a colander resting on the mash tun) at about 170*f. I use about 1.5 qt. hot water per lb..
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