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Dec 2012
Salt Lake City, Utah
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I see that wal-mart has a burner/pot combo kit for 49.00 Is it safe to cook wort in Aluminum? The burner is an outdoor type and the pot is 30 quart or 7.5 gallon. My biggest problem is boiling in my 3 gallon on my wifes stove. It is time consuming and messy, I couls see this thing saving me a ton of problems, but I dont like cooking in Aluminum.

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Oct 2012
Murfreesboro, TN
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I picked up a 60qt at lowes for 99.99. But that did not have a burner.

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Dec 2009
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There is no problem with brewing in an aluminum pot.
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Sep 2011
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just boil some water in it and never scratch the inside, just clean it carefully.

i use one all the time

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Jul 2012
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Yes. It's safe.

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Dec 2012
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The other issue with aluminum pots no one has yet mentioned is that you can't clean them the same way you can SS pots. When cleaning a SS pot you can use whatever, but with aluminum pots you have to be careful because not all cleaners will work. Especially cleaners that use oxygen such as Straight-A. But aluminum pots do heat faster so that's a plus.


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It's fine, probably best to avoid oxygenated cleaners, as mentioned above. That's all I do and mine has worked well. I mean, there are the constant nose bleeds and the recently developing nervous tick, but those could also be a result of the massive amount of mercury I use in my Quicksilver Ale recipe!
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Oct 2012
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Spend 20 more beans go stainless. Not worth the tip toeing around when stainless is bulletproof an will last longer than you!
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Oct 2006
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Aluminum is the best unless you have access to the same printing presses that the Government uses when it wants to pretend to have money. Stainless is pretty and you can clean it with OxiClean but the beer that it makes is identical to the beer made in an aluminum pot. Save your money for something useful like a plate chiller or a bigger mash tun.
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Originally Posted by RIC0 View Post
Spend 20 more beans go stainless. Not worth the tip toeing around when stainless is bulletproof an will last longer than you!
Once you have the oxide layer on the inside, it's a really good pot to use.

For the OP, just boil the most water you can fit into it for about 30-60 minutes before you plan to use it for making beer. Leave the dark coating that forms in it alone. You can use less abrasive scrubbers on it (or brushes) to clean if you need to. Otherwise, a soapy sponge will work just fine.

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