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Nov 2012
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So I have a few extract brews under my belt to which each has been better than the last. I think I can say I'm officially addicted to this hobby now. Ned some advice on what my next step should be. Should I invest in kegging or going all grain first? I'm leaning toward kegging because the idea of fresh homebrew on tap is very appealing and I know my wife would like to have her coat closet back which is now my fermenting room an bottle storage.


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Hmmm, BEER!
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Do both! Bottling is time consuming and all grain is so much more tasty!! If bought in bulk, cheaper also:-)
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Dec 2011
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Id do both. If your doing full boils now, you should be able to do biab very cheaply

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Kegging first then all grain. Once you take bottling out of the equation its a lot more fun.

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Dec 2010
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If you have to pick one I'd go with kegging. It makes the entire process so much less taxing and time consuming. You'll be able to do what took hours before in about 15 minutes.
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Mar 2012
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Another vote for Do both, I recently switched to doing AG BIAB batches and started kegging too, you could also do partial mash batches and most likely still use the boil pot you have, I have to say, kegging and having beer on tap is the best.

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Depends how much you want to spend,if your getting a bunch of all grain equipment then you will have even more stuff to put somewhere.Although if you can do BIAB or partials then you may not need much or anymore equipment than you already have to do all-grain. Youll probably end up doing both,but if its space your concerned about,and your buying a bunch of all grain equipment,then it wont eliminate that problem-if it is one. People who have space problems often end up doing smaller batches,its also easier to do all-grain biab for small batches. All done in the kitchen with minimal equipment.

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Jun 2011
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All grain!

Nothing wrong with bottling.

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I think that going all grain would first choice.

I am one of those that does not mind bottling. I like variety and always about 8-10 different brews in my beer fridge, and have over 20 different brews in bottles. If I kegged There is no way I could have that kind of variety. I do keg but it is mostly my nitro tap for stouts and a few other beers that I like on beergas.

I bottle when I brew so it is not a problem. I rack to the bottling bucket while my strike water is heating, and once I start my mash I bottle and am done well before the mash is done.

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Oct 2011
Norfolk, VA
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My vote is kegging... Of course, I haven't been brewing that long either and I am doing extract. I just got a kegging system about two weeks ago and it rocks.

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