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I like using my Brandy Sniffer for anything over ABV of 6%, with lots of aroma and darker than a Amber.. Anything lighter or lower ABV I like using my Sam Adams glasses..

Just wondering what others like using while enjoying their brew


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For English ales (my most usual homebrew), I use regular pint glasses. For light lagers I use a Pilsner glass. For Belgians and big brews with lots of esters or spice I use a stemmed large round wine glass. For bruisers like Barley Wine I use a snifter.

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SWMBO and I have a ton of Duvel tulips and pint glasses and both styles get lots of use. Someone gave us a pretty spectacular pair of Waterford pilsner glasses as a wedding gift. I need to brew something worthy of using those.
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I know it's wrong, but I use my 11oz Belgian snifter glass from Northern Brewer for everything!

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I buy mine from the dollar store

Tulip shaped for tasting/ciders.
Tall tulip/pilsener for just about everything.
And a pint glass with a handle for porters/stouts.

I also bought a pack of expensive Guinness glasses that I rarely use from Wegmans.

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My wife uses a frozen Hofbrau House 1/2 liter mug we got her at Octoberfest, no sharing that one (lol) and its the best beer drinking mug we have, I need to get more of them next October.

We regularly use pint mason jars straight from the freezer, Pilsner glasses and Guinness glasses all from the freezer.

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I use pint glasses for everything. All my other glassware is upstairs and I usually just grab a pint glass from near the fridge because they are easily accessible.
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I use a stout glass for most things but I break out the tulip glass for sipping beers. I've also been known to use my German beer stein for German beer and my flask mug for beers that I don't consider anything special.

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