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Jul 2006
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Here are the top three as stumbled upon on a website:

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Mar 2007
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So we should start a list:

What is the most expensive beer you have bought ($/oz, not bottle)?

For me, I believe it was Sam Adams Triple Bock. Almost made my vomit and a buddy almost threw it in my face because he thought I was play a practical joke on him.

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Apr 2005
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Originally Posted by Beerrific
So we should start a list:

What is the most expensive beer you have bought ($/oz, not bottle)?

For me, I believe it was Sam Adams Triple Bock. Almost made my vomit and a buddy almost threw it in my face because he thought I was play a practical joke on him.
I have had the Triple Bock from multiple years. It's a tough one to get the taste of if you're not expecting it.

I also have a 2005 bottle of Utopias.

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Mar 2007
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Expensive but not too crazy compared to wine. I could see buying the Sam Adams one maybe as a nice birthday gift.

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That Tutankhamen Brew sounds interesting, actually, just because I'd like to see what beer tasted like back then. $52 a bottle really isn't bad (though tell that to SWMBO, I bet), though I'd be worried about whether or not it's good after having been stored in clear bottles. Of course, were hops necessarily used?
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Jan 2007
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I heard from SWMBO (who is an archaeologist) that a bunch of archaeologists found a kind of pit that they couldn't figure out--until they made beer in it. It was a really old brewery and the beer supposedly tasted awesome.
Nothing until I figure out if I can make it happen over in the UK.

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Jul 2007
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I got a bottle of Thomas Hardy Ale a couple of months ago. Only $10.00 for a 250 ml bottle so not in the range of the ones here. I really didn't like it.

I realize it was complex and interesting. It reminded me of reading Prost. I recognize the craft and why people think it brilliant but I didn't find it an enjoyable experience.

Just as well for me. If my tastes start to run that high I'd soon be broke.


ps What type of beer is Utopia anyway?
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Nov 2006
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From Sam Adams:
Truly the epitome of brewing's two thousand year evolution, Samuel Adams Utopias™ offers a flavor not just unlike any other beer but unlike any other beverage in the world. Its warm, sweet flavor is richly highlighted with hints of vanilla, oak and caramel. Our 2005 batch topped out at 25% ABV, beating the records that Samuel Adams® Triple Bock® and Samuel Adams® Millennium had set before it. And like those groundbreaking brews, Samuel Adams Utopias™ is not carbonated and should be served at room temperature. In one of many examples where Samuel Adams Utopias™ pushed the boundaries of beer, it received the highest recommendation (96-100 points) from the prestigious Wine Enthusiast Magazine (November, 2003 edition).
Not carbonated. I'll have to pass.
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Flights - $5000. (wife and kid also)
Taxi from Airport - nil (Parents picked us up)
Train to Edinburgh - $20
Taxi to old local pub $10
Pint of Callie /80 $4

Total cost : $5034
And worth every god dam sip. (and the 2,3,4,5th after were just as nice!)

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