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I wanna know where you live that a 1.75L of "bottom shelf" vodka costs $30. I live in D.C. and you can get Absolute or Smirnoff for cheaper than that. Bottom shelf (i.e. the plastic bottles i drank in college) are $9.99 for a 1.75L.

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In before the lock!
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Originally Posted by rklinck View Post
I wanna know where you live that a 1.75L of "bottom shelf" vodka costs $30. I live in D.C. and you can get Absolute or Smirnoff for cheaper than that. Bottom shelf (i.e. the plastic bottles i drank in college) are $9.99 for a 1.75L.
Probably Canada. We pay a lot of tax on our liquor.
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There are no frat boys in Canada!

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Dec 2012
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Not comfortable saying where I am. I'll say that our schools in the South, very large, and far away from anything close to a "city." The local government and university officials know this and they got the state to jack up prices in all the liquor stores within a 30 minutes drive of here. It's about $8~$12 jacked up on everything from my comparison with prices back home on the other side of the state. They're trying to cut the flow of fun and I think some of the money goes to the university.

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I see you trollin', (frat)bro.

They come in packs lately, it seems.

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Oct 2012
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This reminds me, I'm glad I had sons and not daughters.

In my day, sorority girls were plied with Boone's Farm.

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I think the best bet will be skeeter pee. Look it up. Pretty simple to get above 10% and it tastes great. Back sweeten and carbonate or just mix it with sprite to sweeten and fizz it up. I would make that and just try adding more sugar to get the content you want, though you may have to adjust other parts of the recipe to get rid of any off flavors. Like maybe some more lemon juice. You can also make it with lime juice or add other juices to the finished product to get different results. Others have added kool aid to flavor and color it with good results. The base recipe is very versatile and tastes great just as it is.

Would be neat to go to a party and have lemon, lemon lime, cherry, and other flavors all to choose from. Great thing is it costs about $15 to make 5 gallons and would be cheaper if you bought 50lb sacks of sugar.

When I made mine, it took about 6 weeks from start to finish to be clear. Also, you can double pitch lavin 1118 yeast if you don't have a yeast slurry to pitch into it.

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Is that you bro? of is he just one of your bro's, bro?

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