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Jun 2012
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1- learn and make yeast starters

2- learn how to wash yeast.

3- brew outside for the 1st time.

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Jun 2011
Encinitas, CA
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1. Make space in the room next to my garage to install a sink and set up to do the entire brew process in the garage. Currently I store everything and ferment, rack and bottle there but the lack of room and a sink make the mashing/boiling process difficult.

2. Set up a formal storage area in same room for equipment, supplies and beer.

3. Work further on the consistency of my house IPA and Russian Imperial Stout. Develop two more house brews, one around 5 ABV and more subtle than my two existing. Perhaps an amber or an APA. One a Belgian Golden Strong. Consistency is the key here. Better temperature control in mash and fermentation. Insulation for keggle and insulated and cooled fermentation chamber.

4. Get more sours brewing for experience and blending.

5. Brew at 5-10 gallons a month.
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Jul 2011
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Love this thread!

1. Plastic conical
2. Build strut single-tier brew rig
3. Acquire & fill used barrel
5. BJCP certification
6. Medal with at least 3 different beers
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Nov 2011
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Revisit my barleywine recipe and properly age it this time.

Drink more craft beer for research....took up a "new beer a day" policy a few months ago and have kept it up...

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Feb 2012
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-get myself an oxygen tank and a microscope.
-improve my water chemestry knowledge and get my RO system.
-try to keep brewing once a week
-Maybe enter a competion? Im not sure about this one.
-make great beer

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Jun 2011
Owego, NY
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1. get my ferm chamber built (already have the temp controller).
2. brew more often, at least 1x/month, hopefully more like 2.
3. get a sour beer going.
4. find a way to scrape together enough cash for a kegging setup. even one tap line to start would be better than bottling everything.
5. learn to brew with liquid yeast, including harvesting, washing, starters, all that good stuff.

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Feb 2010
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In no order of importance:

Brew styles that I haven't before - especially German styles!
-German Pilsner
-Vienna Lager
-Munich Dunkel
-Munich Helles
-Berliner Weisse
-Belgian Wit
-100% Brett Trois IPA
-Session IPA

Judge/help in more competitions.
-Assist my local club as the assistant organizer for the regional NHC round
-Go/host continuing education classes for judges

Expand my sour beer pipeline.
-Gueuze is about to be blended
-10 gallon lambic brew day

Get REALLY good at saisons
-I finally got a saison to turn out, so I must brew more! Perhaps a Saison w/ Brett % tart cherries? I was inspired by a club member.

As a side note, here are my 2012 resolutions:
Originally Posted by AmandaK View Post
Mine is about the same, but I want to make GREAT beer. I've had a few great ones, but most are just good.

Along those same lines:
  • Get total control of fermentation temperature.
  • Brew several beers for the NHC.
  • Brew new (to me) beer styles while I'm at it.
Check, check and check!
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Jul 2012
Washington, DC
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Great thread and great goals for the new year!

I'm usually not one for resolutions, so I'll call this my Brew Plan for the year:

- Try my hand at a traditional spruce ale (inspired by Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce from Yards Brewery)
- Better control fermentation temps
- Enter my first competition
- Brew well, live well, don't sweat the small stuff
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Jan 2012
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Have a constant supply of cider around for the woman and stouts or brown ales on hand for pairing with cigars.
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Old 12-14-2012, 05:07 PM   #30
New Brew Dude
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Nov 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
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Brew Years Resolutions:
  • Brew more beer
  • Go All Grain
  • Brew one of every style
  • Buy/build more gear, especially kegging and keezer

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