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Jul 2012
Denver, Colorado
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I'm not absolutely certain that there isn't a beer I like, but I've tried a few and just haven't found anything I really enjoy. I want to see if there is a kind of beer I like. So I'm looking for suggestions on what to try next, preferably something I can reasonably find in Denver.

Here is what my rather drunken mind can remember of the beers I've tried.

Brecken Ridge Agave Wheat: Slightly odd flavor. Not unpleasant, don't really like the bitterness but drinkable. Nice and smooth finish. Aftertaste is fairly brief.
Lion Stout: Very strong flavor, fairly neutral here too. The balance was good, drinkable, but not something I really enjoyed.
Bud Light: Uh, why would I want to drink horse urine?
Corona Extra: Might be good with a lime on a hot day, but lemonade with a shot of vodka would better...
Arrogant Bastard Oaked: Holy freaking crap. I can't even drink this.
Arrogant Bastard: I drank half of this before getting hop overload, that's better then the oaked. It was a bomber though.
Negro Modelo: Yeah ok. Not really enjoying it, but would drink if nothing else was available.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: I might be a little off on the name, can't find the bottle. It's drinkable. I would never order it, but I can drink it.
Killians Irish Red: I've only had this on tap, and it was to cold. I let it sit for 20 minutes or so before drinking and it was ok. I wouldn't keep a 6 pack around, but it's got a way more complicated aroma and hop profile then the typical horse urine at the local bar.
Easy Street Wheat: This is what I keep in fridge if I'm expecting guests. I can drink one and it doesn't bother me. Though, to be honest, I'd rather have a margarita or a white wine.

SO, what should I try next? I know there are lots of styles I've never even heard of, if you were to guess, what would you think would hit my palate the right way? I already make wine, cider, and mead. I'm really looking for a beer I might enjoy.

Thank you for your input/insults.
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Dec 2009
Hood River, Oregon
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Just go to Falling Rock and work your way from one end to the other

Really though, it sounds like you're a little hop sensitive and opposed to BMC. Sooooo... I prefer to drink seasonally and right now is dark beer time. Maybe a left hand milk stout? Tons and tons of really great beer in your area (that's from an Oregonian). Good luck on your quest. I feel there is a beer out there for each person, but if you don't find yours just keep searching.

As for me, I am still looking for a beer I don't like... I mean I have had some that I had to choke down but the beer in my hand is always a good one.

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Jul 2012
Nelson, Bc
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OK, see if you can find Pilsner Urquell somewhere on tap. The draft version is much better than the bottled in my opinion. All the beers you list seem like they would be pretty challenging for being either too strong or too weak flavored. Check it out, let us know what you think.

For what it's worth, I used to think I didn't like beer. Turns out I didn't like Miller Beer.

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Sep 2012
Raymond, Washington
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What do you enjoy drinking?
Booze, pop, wine, juice or whatever.

It's hard to say what you would like based only on what you don't like alone.

Try one of each of the standard brands.
Maybe some black Butte.
Hard to guess with no idea of the type of things you enjoy.

Either try lots of things or don't bother with beer.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

On tap
Black Butte clone

In secondary
Pumpkin ale

In primary
Honey wit

Up next.. Firestone Union Jack clone

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Feb 2011
Seattle, Wa
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It sounds like you can appreciate wheat beers. I would suggest hefeweizens, dunkelweizens, and perhaps weizenbocks. Make sure you try both American and German examples of each category, as they are a bit different.

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Oct 2011
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When people say they don't like beer, I always tell them they've never had real beer. But damn... you sure have been trying!

Myself, I didn't even like beer when I first decided to brew (I was handed an old homebrew book, and it was interesting). It was during my research into the process I remembered the fact I didn't like beer, and that was also the moment I realized there were more than one kind of beer! After that I started to try different styles and beers. Newcastle Brown Ale was the beer that really stuck out at that time, now I can't stand it anymore. And I'm still very critical of commercial beer, hardly like any store bought beers.

But back to the issue, as much as it pains me to say; but you don't have to like beer. You'll probably find something you'll like, but still - if you enjoy something else, then that's your cup of tea.

As for styles I'd suggest Scottish Export 80 Shilling, English Brown Ale, Dark Lager, Belgian Dubbel and Tripple, English IPA, Amber Lager. Also try homebrews at some homebrew club or go to some craft beer event, then you'll get a great selection of beers.
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Oct 2012
Oswego, IL
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New Holland Full Circle Kolsch
Bell's Oberon

and if all else fails, Leinenkugel's Honeyweis....
Why is the home brew always gone?

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Feb 2007
Mystic, CT
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Just wondering how a guy that doesn't like beer has over 300 posts on a beer making forum.

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Jul 2012
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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I'd try a Belgian Wit if I were you. Start with Blanche De Bruxelles.

If not, maybe go with a vanilla java porter, if you can find one. I hate the Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, which I know would be available near you, but Atwater makes a delicious VJP.

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Dec 2011
NE Iowa, Iowa
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Originally Posted by ksbrain View Post
Just wondering how a guy that doesn't like beer has over 300 posts on a beer making forum.
I thought the same

But for suggestions - how about brown ales. Newcastle ON TAP if you can find it. Moosedrool Brown.

Alakan Amber


British Dark Mild.... might have to brew that one, not many commercial examples.

Thinking of beers that are sort of a beer that is not too hoppy, not too plain, not too strong, not too roasty . . . .. Try some of those.

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