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Jan 2012
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I agree. I like Craig and his videos are entertaining. It took me a while to figure out how kegging works and how to properly use a system. Craigs videos on kegging helped me a lot. I find that jumping into these forums as a new brewer, the majority of the threads are by seasoned brewers. So trying to get a barney style explanation on how things work is hard to find on here. Craig is good at explaining how things work.

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I like Craig.

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Originally Posted by emiller0408
Craig's awesome. You have to check out his cast on Friday nights starting at 9pm central.
Thanks for the heads up. Craig laid down some vinyl. It was soothing to sit back, drink beer and be a brick in the wall.

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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
What does he do on Friday nights? Is it music or beer related? I'm a big Justin tv fan, that's where I get most of my content for my roku on.
Wow Revvy, I can't believe you haven't caught Craig's Friday night cast! He is always number one on the Social category. He mostly does music (60's 70's and 80's), but also chats about beer and life in general. His cast is top quality. I'm a moderator there, so if you stop in let me know! My handle is ArrogantBasterdAle. Sometimes the chat is hectic, but it's fun. Hope to see you stop by!

There are also quite a few other homebrewers that cast on JTV. They all follow Craig's format on music mostly, but have their own style. Here's a list: (Extract brewer, very entertaining guy, large variety of music) (All grain brewer, a lot of popular metal and hip hop) (extract brewer, wide range of music... very entertaining in his silly little way) (Professional brewer... mostly 70's and 80's rock) (Kiwi extract brewer... mostly 70's 80's and 90's rock and blues)

I owe MrK305 a beer!

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Originally Posted by dantheman13 View Post
My handle is ArrogantBasterdAle.
Heck, I've only been able to catch the Friday night cast and chat a handful of times, but even I recognize that name.
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He must be busy. He asked me to pm him on youtube to send him some stuff. Haveta try again.
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Originally Posted by HeavyKettleBrewing View Post
If you like Craig you will love this guy. I ditched cable for a ROKU set top box and found many brewing podcasts to entertain myself. I love this guy because he looks like he can kick some ass but talks like he is teaching pre-schoolers how to brew. I switch between Brewing TV and Homebrewer TV. I have to use the Ipad to check out Craig. Good stuff, I may start up a brewing podcast.
I know your post is a bit old but if you are using a roku get the plex media server installed on your pc. Use can use it to link just about any video content you find online to your roku to watch via the tv. I have been doing this with craigtube and chopandbrew.

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Oct 2011
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Originally Posted by GMP428 View Post
Craig is good at explaining how things work.
A few days ago, I saw a link to his video explaining how a hydrometer works. I was wondering how he managed to get 20 minutes (!) of material out of that topic. This thread inspired me to go back and watch it.

Well, about ten minutes of it. He is good at explaining how things work. In great detail. Which is a cool skill, but sometimes you just have to let me lose to fool around before I can learn how something works.

So I guess I'd be up for a beer with the guy, as he seems nice, but I might have an escape plan ready in case he got going on a pet topic.

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Jan 2013
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Craigtube is cool...bobby from NJ is cooler

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Jun 2011
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What I like about Craig is he seems to be a very genuine, sincere, down to earth guy. He doesn't condescend when the teaches, he just puts his knowledge out there.

Definitely a good thing for the hobby.

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