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May 2012
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I don't own a car; I bike everywhere, sometimes on a huge dorky cargo bike. I have raised vegetable beds in the front yard. I can and garden and brew, and sit on the front porch playing ukulele. And I get along famously with all my neighbors. The couple next door has lived there for 60+ years and we exchange cookies at Christmas. No black sheepery required.
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Originally Posted by DrunkleJon
I wish my neighbors homebrewed too. Maybe I can get them doing it. A lot of retirees and such though so the early 30's whippersnapper may not be that effective. An to top it off I am wishing my garage pointed towards the street rather that opens out of the back of my house at the bottom of a hill.
Man, I hear people all the time wishing they had people to brew with and I feel exactly the opposite. I value my solitude like gold, I have a house full of kids and I work 50 hours a week. If one of my neighbors heard the grain mill running and came over to BS and hang out I would be pissed. The times I've had people help brew I've drunk way too much, got distracted and missed hop additions etc. Brew days are my quiet time. I'll have people over to drink the beer.

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Mar 2012
Riverview, Florida
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I have yet to brew in my new neighborhood. I used to live in the country and now my wife and I live in suburbia. Haven't really had time to brew since before the move. I'm hoping to post up the brew equipment in the garage with the door open and brew with the off chance of finding a new brew buddy... or more than likely get deemed as the meth cooker of the neighborhood, ha ha.

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Originally Posted by ianskate View Post
Even in my urban neighborhood, people give me the stink-eye when I say I brew beer. It's really not that strange. Come on now... maybe it's because I look 18 to them.
I had that problem. Then I grew a beard.
Originally Posted by Remmy
I'd rather work with yeast than work with people.

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Mar 2011
, ok
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I live in the country, but the neighbors are pretty close like in town. I think the loud music and the fact that I walk out my back door and shoot firearms get more attention than brewing.

My closest neighbors are liberal types from Michigan. They seem to be terrified of me.

I noticed a while back, I've lived in several of the largest cities in the US, I used to hear small arms fire and would find it disconcerting (somebody is getting shot). Now I live in the country and hear constant semi-auto rifle fire and find it comforting (rednecks staying sharp).

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Aug 2011
Philadelphia, PA
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Not really, the neighborhood I live in is a mix of work-a-holics and aging hippies, no one much cares how anyone else does anything. I just took my lights down this weekend and I'm still ahead of about 40% of the neighborhood. I have, however been rolled up on by the cops, so maybe that earns me a special mention. (I was picking up lawn debris at 2 am wearing a headlamp) (cops were very courteous and left me to my branch collection.)

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Jan 2012
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We recently moved into the house that my grandfather built. People around here tend to do things like gardening and canning and such, so making your own beer seems totally normal to them.

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Feb 2009
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My neighbors just get excited when I start pulling the equipment out in the driveway. They all want to know when it'll be ready to drink. We'll generally have a neighborhood cookout a couple of times a year, and they know to plan it three or four weeks in advance so I have time to get a couple of kegs ready to go.

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Apr 2012
Omaha, NE
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Me and the wif moved in this past November into our first house and I have brewed a number of times so far in my garage. I'm not entirely sure how my neighbors feel about it yet, though I do know we are about half the age of most of them.

Maybe once the warm weather hits again a few neighbors will poke their head in and talk.
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Originally Posted by dryboroughbrewing View Post
I have, however been rolled up on by the cops, so maybe that earns me a special mention. (I was picking up lawn debris at 2 am wearing a headlamp)
That happened to me once when I was digging new holes in the neighborhood graveyard at 2 am. The cops know most of my neighbors and offered to help
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