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Originally Posted by raouliii View Post
What was your CFC output temperature?
Hmm, good question. I run the CFC back into the boil kettle for a few minutes to cool the whole thing down. It was around 110* when I started diverting wort to the ferementer. The CFC copper was cool to the touch. When I attached the temp probe to the fermenter a few minutes after filling it, I was basically right at 60*.

Originally Posted by raouliii View Post
From what I've read, starting warm will require a diacetyl rest later to clean up the off-flavors produced by warm yeast growth. Yes?
Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've read, many (not all) lager fermentations produce some noticeable diacetyl. I would speculate that warmer fermentations may produce more diacetyl. There are also differences among yeast strains.
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Originally Posted by jasonsbeer View Post
...As I stated, I wouldn't start at 60* again. People have many "firsts" in brewing that are learning experiences. Five homebrewers in the room = 5 opinions on what is "best".
Agreed, for sure there's no shortage of differing opinions here. But I don't think many experienced brewers would recommend starting a lager warm. Seems generally accepted to pitch at or slightly below fermentation temp. Anyone recommending to pitch warm would be roundly panned from the threads I've seen.

Anywho, carry on. Sounds like you're on the right track!

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I think pitching warm was advice that worked when you aren't sure you've got enough yeast and its either pitch warm and pray you crank it down in time, or pitch cold and risk not having active fermentation for a day or two, plus some under-pitching esters.

I err on the side of pitching at the exact temp for primary, and using 2 packs of dry lager yeast, or a big-ol' quart of slurry.

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