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Originally Posted by JordanThomas View Post
No one is going to hold your opinion against you and crack on everything you say moving forward. People on this forum will forget that it even happened. RDWHAHB.

We are generally pretty easy going.

It could used for some good-natured ribbing down the road though. Probably.

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Originally Posted by phoenixs4r View Post
It's bewildering posts like these stay open and reach 17 pages.
I regret putting my .02 cents in.

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Originally Posted by BigRedHopHead View Post
...I joined way back in Feb...
Don't go just yet, being new means there are a few thing you might not have realised yet on the forum (us beating up on you ofcoarse didn't help though).
There is a forum call drunken rambles and mindless mumbles (right down the bottom of the front page). This is where you can rant all you like without being judged (too much).
Good call on joing a local club though but don't get turned away from here because of just one bad experience.

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Originally Posted by techbrewie View Post
Gotta say, you missed the sale man. You aren't entitled to anything. NB started a promotion with specific rules, and you don't meet the qualifications. Expecting them to honor a promotion you don't even qualify for, then criticizing them on the internet for not doing so is a pretty big dick move. NB is an excellent brew shop and its not their fault your an idiot.

C'mon man.

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So over the past couple of pages the OP's been insulted as such:

"Individuals who post complaints in public places such as web forums or review sites that are not warranted should be hung, drawn, and quartered

The op's post warrants some name calling

"criticizing them on the internet for not doing so is a pretty big dick move. NB is an excellent brew shop and its not their fault your an idiot."

Can I just ask, how is this allowed to continue?? With all the help we give each other around here I'm rather surprised how nasty some of you can be


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I, personally, have a real sore spot about posts like that of the OP. My wife has worked in customer service for years now, and I will say without hesitation that she is the single most generous and friendly person any company has ever seen. If you are looking for a deal, and its within her abilities to give it to you, you are basically guarenteed to get it.

She has still been sworn at, had things thrown at her, and has had customers "report her" to her manager because she wouldnt give outlandish discounts or free merchandise above and beyond what is reasonable. Someone even singled her out on an internet forum (yelp) for, you guessed it, not applying a discount coupon that was expired. So yeah, my sympathies for the OP (unless I somehow read his posts COMPLETELY wrong) hover somewhere between jack and squat.

Calling him an idiot or a dick was a bit of a stretch, but greedy and unreasonable? I'll stand by that.
See, that's where the real story is.
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It annoys me so much when people complain about not getting something for free. I work at a liquor store and we have a customer rewards program. Basically, you spend $1000 and we give you $50 store credit. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I've heard people complain about it because they have to spend money before they get the credit. It's free, stop complaining!
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I work in a very tight margin industry. What most consumers are unaware is that it may be a promotion from their vendor that is honored within the sales for specific dates. So yes we can sell you another one cause it is reported within the sales dates. They in turn get money back. Sure you get a $20 gift card, but it was paid for by their vendor. NB may have used the $20 off the product and gave the end user a gift card, knowing that you would buy more. They have to protect their business and make money. If they keep handing out money, they would eventually go broke. Remember they did try to work it out, maybe it wasn't the best solution that you liked, but they tried. I don't agree with what thy did, as I have found ways around it. But please think that companies have overhead, and need to make money. For all I know the owner of NB may have a 40k square foot home and a private golf course with a huge lake. For now I give them the benefit of the doubt that he is human and trying to make money.

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It is easier to maintain a customer than find a new one. My .02. $20 is not worth much these days anyhow. Not worth 15 pages on HBT. It would have been in the best interest for the sales person to at least look into the OP order history. Customers want to feel special. On the flip side, the OP should have let it go after being denied the gift card. I dont blame him for asking but blasting NB on this forum is extreme.

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Originally Posted by BigRedHopHead View Post
Never said I was leaving! But may take an extended vacation! Never said I wanted anyone to agree with me and cheer me on. Just was expressing my disappointment with NB. I expected better. Never said I was going to find another forum. However I did say I was going to find a homebrew club to join.
Time to stop looking at these responses. Out of control!
You know what? A LONG time ago I posted to stop with the piling on. Let's be a reasonable group of rational people.

The OP has been fine. But he's right- the responses are out of control! What the heck is wrong with you guys?

People can have different opinions without namecalling, being insulting, or being rude.

This thread is closed now- due to the inability to comprehend the "Golden Rule".
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