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Jul 2012
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You know, you could always ask her what she likes instead of crowd sourcing with the assumption that we all have homogenous tastes.

A Laydeetype

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I think either of the white house recipes would wwork well. Both are relatively light with a lot of flavor, that is a little sweet, and not too hoppy.

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Originally Posted by sweetcell View Post
no flameouts? wimp!

I can't believe I left off the whirlpool hops! Thanks for noticing that.

Add at flameout and whirlpool for 20 minutes:
1 oz homegrown chinook
1 oz homegrown cascade
1 oz simcoe
1 oz amarillo

This sounds so good to me now, that I decided to brew it this weekend instead of the one I planned. I might switch up, though, and use cascade for the amarillo since I have a TON of homegrown cascade.

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Anyway, sorry to get my knickers in a bunch, but I just hate the premise that someone who is female likes sweet fruity crap, while manly types drink real beer. I'm a small-ish size 4 grandmother. And I like many different types of beer, but highly hopped beers are my favorite.

One of the things that irks me is when people want to show the way to others. Sure, it's great to share great beer finds with people in your life, but some people just don't like beer.

My own father calls my beer "that homebrewed ****" except for ONE that I make just for him. My cream ale. He didn't believe I made it, as "This is GOOD!". So I just don't waste my beer on him. His favorite beer in the universe is Genesee Cream Ale. Trying to convince him otherwise is futile. So, he drinks that.

Making a beer for someone that doesn't like beer is probably only going to end up in frustration.

Making a wine for someone that likes wine might be more reasonable.

The "Island Mist" wine kits are about $60 and make 6 gallons of fruity wine cooler type of beverage. (Like those "Arbor Mist" type wines). The Winexpert kits are about $60 and come in lots of different varieties like riesling, shiraz, chardonnay, etc. Those might be more to your friends' liking.
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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post

One of the things that irks me is when people want to show the way to others. Sure, it's great to share great beer finds with people in your life, but some people just don't like beer.
I couldn't agree more. I think as brewers we start thinking that everyone likes beer they just don't know it yet because of the mass marketed stuff that everyone is used to. However, I've found that some people just don't like it, and there is no such thing as a beer for any one demographic. it would be boring if there was.

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Originally Posted by PackerfaninSanDiego View Post
Only one girl in my life drinks beer all the others are wine drinkers. Was thinking about brewing a batch of one of those chocolate stouts just for the femine palate, but that may a bit "too thick". Any desert beers?
Around here a "girlie beer" beer is a 1.075 75 IBU IPA. It's best not to generalize about people's tastes.
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Those Island Mist kits are nice for a hot day. The Brew Hut had a homebrew tasting and set up two of those kits on CO2 so you got the bubbles and all, it was good. And last I checked my penis still hasn't fallen off...
Took my wife to beer bar in Denver and she told the guy she wasn't in the mood for beer, the server disagreed, started asking what flavor she was aiming for. Brought out her first Kriek and she now has her go to 10% "girly-beer" My suggestion is to go to a decent beer bar and have her talk to an educated cicerone that will guide her palate to her next favorite beverage.
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My 88 year old mother likes Bocks herself, barring that she likes Stouts, Porters, Vienna Lagers, scwartzbiers, or basically anything dark.

Most of the women I know are serious beer geeks themselves, some brew, some are bjcp judges and some know as much about beer as I do.

The last woman I dated was not much of a beer person, but the one she liked with Lindeman's Pesch fallowed by framboise.
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What about the Succulent Strawberry Blonde Ale that you can find in the forum and also I was going to add watermelon extract to a light wheat beer. My LHBS had that kegged last month and I liked it.

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The beer I brew for my wife is a Gumballhead clone. She loves that beer.

I've bought a pound of Amarillo for next year's batches.

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Click image for larger version

Name:	image-1255969245.jpg
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The one on the left is a prickly pear wheat. I wouldn't call it girly because my wife and I fight over who gets the last pint. I concede because I love her but hate because that beer is awesome!

I agree there's no one beer for one demographic.

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