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Nov 2012
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hey i have started fermenting my cider maybe around 36 hours ago. (day and a half) and i have seen no signs on bubbling, there is a slight foam on the top, but close to barely any foam, or at least not a substantial amount.


15 liters of grape/apple/mixed berrys/cherry/pomegrantine juice - no preservatives
half liter of 100 % natural honey
cloves, cinnamon , ginger
ale yeast


sanitised the fermenting drum with bleach(purple duck)

rinsed fermenting drum

added juice

boiled spices , and added them

added the honey

added the yeast

shook for 3 minutes

placed in bin of water with a wet towel covering it.

i am currently brewing in thailand , hence the bucket of water and wet towels to keep the temp as low as i can. sit at around 25 - 28celcius , i know its a bit high but i dont think it will be overly damaging i gotta make due with what i got.

the seal on the drum is not 100% tight so i have been taping it up so nasty pests cant get in and contaminate it. also the floating bits in the pictures are the spice i have added.

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Jan 2012
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Aug 2012
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I've only done a couple of apple ciders. They didn't taste the best because I didn't leave them long enough but if I remember correctly none of them bubbled more (or even as much) as the pictures you posted. I never got foam like I did on beer just lots of little bubbles that broke once they hit the surface.

Do you have a hydrometer? Take a couple of readings over a couple of days and see whether or not the gravity is dropping.

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Are you fermenting with champagne yeast? These strains do not produce a large krausen. Those "bubbles" are lil yeast rafts.
RDWHAHB! Your fine =]

EDIT: Would help to read...THe other reason for no krausen would be the absence of nutrients and vitamins that are present in Malt and not in Juice.
Same concept though. Wait atleast 10 days and check gravity, you should see it lowered.

Not sure how sweet you want the end product to be but with ale yeast you might not get it that low.
Most of us use champagne yeast for juices because there able to break down longer chains of complex sugars that ale yeast cannot.
Try dosing with some nutrients if your before the 2/3 sugar break.
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Jul 2011
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You won't get thick yeast krauesen with cider like you do with beer. You won't get air lock bubbles since you are "taping up" the drum seals.

My guess is you have a very active ferment going on at 25-28C (77-82F). Try to keep it on the lower side of that if at all possible.
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Even with ale yeast you won't see a lot of activity in a cider/wine. Your photos look pretty normal to me. I do 2-3 weeks in primary and then about 2 months in secondary with my apple cider with very good results. If it looks cloudy when you transfer to secondary you can add pectic enzyme to clear it up nicely.
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Jun 2012
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Give it some nitrogen to get it going.

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you may need to look extremely close to see the tiny bubbles comming up the sides. cider is not beer and will not act like beer. if you kept the temp low enough to not kill the yeast when you pitched, then you will be fine. RDWHAHB
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Nov 2012
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thanks everyone with your replies they are greatly appreciated, i think all is well , c02 is escaping from the top of my drum since the seal is dodgy.

here is a picture taken 24 hours after the ones i originally posted.

Uploaded with

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