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Dec 2010
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So i'm more throwing this out there to see what everyone would do in my case.

I've pretty much been in a house since i've been brewing (actual house, no apts/town houses, etc) and i've been able to collect numerous things for brewing and build a pretty (in my opinion) bad ass brew stand with keggles, a fermentation fridge, a kegerator, etc.

However... my girlfriend and i are getting married next month and then getting our place (well, within a week or so of getting married, we're going old fashioned hah) (will be an apartment. And of course, does not allow propane on the patios ) so i unfortunately cannot take my brew stand with me. and even if i could hide the propane easily (which is easily possible) they may notice 2 kegs steaming and boiling haha.

With this scenario, i'd normally just keep it at my parents house and brew like once or twice a month and then bring the wort back with me... however, the house that they are renting, they are moving from into an apartment (to downsize) not to far in the future... and guess what? no go on the propane for them either! haha (most places in portland that i've noticed). So i'm pretty sure my brew stand will have to go bye bye. Along with my kegerator (the future wifey is okay with the kegerator, as long as i downsize from my big guy) and the fermentation chamber may need to go as well... damn it... hah. (due to a much smaller space, and don't want her to get overwhelmed with brewing right away.. haha)

So since knowing this, i've been reading up on smaller BIAB stovetop batches (3 gals or so, which is perfect for me, and pretty much what i do anyways, just 2 vessels instead, and a few more gallons)... and since reading this and knowing i have to downgrade a bit... would you sell the following items? try to trade for like a blichmann 8-10g pot? or a decent pot and a herms? what would you do since i have to get rid of this anyway? and if selling is the better option... how much do you think i could sell it for?

top burner is a normal T-Fryer burner, the bottom one is a KAB4 and has the 30PSI regulator on it.

(don't mind the stuff in the background of this pic, that stand down below was for a pool)

here is the fermentation fridge, i don't have a better shot of it, but it's basically just a wine fridge... nothin fancy

So... what would you do?
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Jul 2010
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Maybe $350-400? All depends on how many brewer's live nearby. I would definitely go smaller. Maybe join a local brew club and see if anyone would wanna buy it and perhaps let you do some brews on it.

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Feb 2012
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if you can spend the money the braumeister 20l itīs great and with a very smal footprint.
Edit: also 100% electric.

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Jul 2012
Montreal, quebec
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I'm in a similar situation (moving to an appt. in July) and decided to turn the keezer into a ferm. chamber. Sold all kegging hardware and since propane will be difficult to acquire from where I'll be, I'm converting my setup to electric (don't want automation).

I think converting to electric might be an option... and you won't need a tall stand like this one if you're using a pump.

With my limited time/energy, I prefer brewing more volume on my brew days than brewing more often; which could also be a problem when you're using the kitchen stove...

Congratulations on the wedding!

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Nov 2012
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No propane? Time to go hydrogen.

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Feb 2010
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Originally Posted by Rivenin View Post
So... what would you do?
You are asking a forum dedicated to home brewing what they would choose between their beer making equipment and getting married to a SWMBO ?

It's not worth it son...
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Sep 2012
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You're marrying your girlfriend? I think that would make her your fiance, unless you haven't broken the news to her yet.

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brewman !
Nov 2006
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Do not give up brewing, and the other things you love to do. Trust me.

I think you have an electric brewery in your future. I can see you making a cord that plugs into your stove outlet and leads to the patio.

I wouldn't want to brew at someone else's house, even if they were my parents.
Getting back into brewing...

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Apr 2012
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I might be interested in the keggles, burn stand, pump and burner setup if we can figure shipping out to Richland, WA
If I was still at my place in Newberg I would offer to let you store and brew there as long as I was able to use the system as well, but I am relocated for an indefinite period right now.

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Dec 2009
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I dont see you talking about going electric.

I LOVE e-brewing and it didnt take a homeowner's covemant against propane to make me switch.

With a few modifications to the equipment you already have, you can maintain the flow.
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