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Nov 2012
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I have been doing AG for just over 1 year and am not sure what is a better technic, batch or fly sparging. I do only fly and never thought about batch sparging. I normally hit around 60% extraction (Pre-boil). I see a lot of people staiting 75-85%. I hit all my mash temp and sparge with 175-180 degree water. I've tried mashout temps without much change. I use a 10 gallon Igloo cooler with a false bottom and always check my finnal runoff for SG. I do sometimes leave sugars at the end however, i will continue to collect the wort and add this to my boil as I'm boiling down due to my kettle size. I also adjust my caululations do to any volume change, any sugestions.


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60% seems a bit low, are you sure your conversion is fine?
I do batch sparge simply because it is quicker, fly sparge is more intense sparging technique and it should extract more sugars. You can try with batch sparge but I am not sure it will increase your efficiency (it likely won't).

What about other parameters (crush size, pH, thickness, OG, dough balls..)?

There is great sheet on Kai's wiki,so you can calculate how many sugars you extract in every step and notice where the problem is:

If you're interested to learn more about this topic: (on bottom there is guide on how to use efficiency spreadsheet)
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Jun 2012
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Can someone explain the difference? New to the whole all grain thing, trying to get into it.

would these methods of sparging differ if doing Biab?

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I've never done BIAB, but have seen several tutorials on it. With BIAB there is no need for sparging because you mash in a bag and then, instead of lautering you lift the bag and grains out of the wort. Some people squeeze the bag and others swear against it because of possible tannin extraction. Sparging is part of lautering and since BIAB does not include lautering you wouldn't need it.

With fly sparging you slowly addd your sparge water to the lauter tun to keep a level of water above the grains while very slowly draining the wort from the tun. Most say it should take around an hour to do a full extraction with this method.

With batch sparging you drain all the water from your lauter tun and then pour in your sparge water, stir and then extract this running into the original wort. It is quicker and easier, but some feel it reduces your extract yield.

I try to fly-sparge, but with the mind-numbing boredom of trying to monitor flow I sometimes get impatient and end up with the equivalent of a batch sparge.

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Oct 2008
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I batch sparge, bu I don't drain the grain bed dry. I leave it mostly covered. I only drain it dry at the end of the last sparge.

I'm trying to avoid air entrainment. It's probably not a big deal though, now that I think about it.
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Jan 2012
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I'm new to AG brewing but to me your temps seem high. I'm usaully in the 158-168* for batch sparge

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Jun 2012
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I've read that with Biab, you can "batch sparge" by removing the bag from the mash tun and then dunking the bag of grains in 170 degree water, I guess the other portion of the boil water, to rinse the grains. Then remove bag, let it drain, and add the wort from mash tun, then boil away.

This somewhat accurate?
How do you calculate efficiency? By original gravity pre-boil or post boil?

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Sep 2012
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I just did my first partial mash BIAB. When I was done with the mash, I poured 170*f water over the grain bag, which I had in my strainer above my BK.

Hopefully that wasn't a stupid thing to do, but it made sense at the time. The water coming out wasn't clear, so I know I got something out of the grain. I just hope that it was a good, sweet, wort-y something and not a bad, bitter, tannin-y something.

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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by anteup View Post
I'm new to AG brewing but to me your temps seem high. I'm usaully in the 158-168* for batch sparge
That's not the mash temp, he is talking mash out temps

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May 2011
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I'd look into the grain crush. It always seems to be the culprit for low efficiency. I had crushed grain from two different LHBS's and two online retailers and all had efficiency in the low 60's. Got my own mill and I'm right at 75%. I batch sparge, by the way.

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