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Ok, so I'm making a blackberry cider. I'll start from the beginning. I picked up 5 gal of fresh pressed cider (unpasteurized) from here I added 1/4 tsp of potassium sulfite @5gal and mixed in with paint mixer (drill type) and left for 24hrs at 60-65 degrees. From here I brewed up a 1/2 batch of Graf.

Now from (Bucket "A") of [email protected] I poured 2.5gal out into separate fermentation vessel(Bucket"B"). The remaining cider which was already in fermentation vessel(bucket A) I left it as be. I thawed 2lbs frozen blackberries and .5lb of frozen mixed berries.

I then added 2.5 tps of yeast nutrient and 1.25 tps of yeast energizer per each 2.5gal batch. Then i mixed with drill powered paint mixer.

I added the wort/graf to Bucket "B"

I added the thawed berry mix to Bucket "A"

Added 1/2 package of safale-05 to each

So keeping at 60-70 degrees, 24hrs later the graf is starting to bubble away. No action from the blackberries. As the next week continues the Graf is active but the blackberries are super slow. I've picked up and swirled the bucket 1-3 times a day with little change.

When I swirl the bucket it will in fact dispense some Co2 from the air lock for a few seconds. After that it will neutralize and water in airlock will level out, as if no gases are even trying to escape. I didn't take a gravity prior because I was kind of winging it, so wouldn't know what kind of numbers to even look for. As of right now, I know it's fermenting, but really slow.

So now for the question.......Should I just leave it be and wait????????????for who knows how long? Or should I re-pitch?

I'm starting to think on re-pitching with some EC-1118

Should I pitch entire package for 2.5gal batch?

I've made a wheat beer that I over pitched and it tasted wayy to yeasty.

What do you guys think is best?

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For ciders I think you should always use a wine yeast..the beer yeast just doesn't tolerate the alcohol well. I wouldn't sulfite either, that works against the yeast and really shouldn't be necessary unless you are doing some kind of multi-day maceration before pitching. Yeast these days are very viable and aggressive making sulfiting up front unnecessary.

It won't hurt to rehydrate come 1118 and pitch it.
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