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Oct 2009
Cincinnati, OH
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I have been brewing for a few years now and have jumped around to numerous yeast strains, but I wanted to spend the next year or so trying to play around with only a few strains for EVERYTHING.. :O I was thinking about US-05, WYeast Scottish Ale 1728, WYeast Saison 3711, Wyeast Ardennes 3522, and WYeast Weihenstephan 3068.. Granted these 5 yeast strains should give you a fairly large range of beers to produce, but I was just looking to see if anyone has gone through this idea of limiting the strains of yeast to try to see what else they came dream up for new brews..

Has anyone else done this?

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Dec 2011
spokane, wa
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I stick with S-04 and S-05. $2.25 a pack and very consistent results.

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Apr 2012
Chicago, IL
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I've been using the following four Wyeast strains: 1056, 1318 (London Ale III), 1469 (West Yorkshire), 3522 (Ardennes). I have slants of them all, but they're also all excellent top-croppers, so if I plan my brews carefully I only have to grow up yeast every few months. This also means I usually have yeast around to trade with other brewers too, so I get to try out new strains occasionally as well.

Reason: Typo

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Dr. Francois
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Jan 2009
Okemos, MI, Michigan
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Originally Posted by tinytowers View Post
I stick with S-04 and S-05. $2.25 a pack and very consistent results.

I don't love it, but US-05 is my de-facto house strain. It is just too clean and too convenient for me to go looking at other yeast.

That said, if I were a more patient man, I might very well go with Pacman or Denny's Favorite.

But I ain't got time for that!
Dr. François

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Aug 2009
Charlottesville, VA
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I've spent the last two years only using 1968 London ESB for practically all my beers except Belgians. I really learned a lot about the strain. While there were definitely some styles where it didn't work as well, it was great to learn how it worked with other ingredients. I highly recommend other brewers doing something like this.

I'm just now starting down a new road of using 1728 Scottish Ale for several beers to see what I can learn.

I freakin hate California Ale yeast and I feel like it's the lazy yeast choice. You can drink this yeast in countless breweries' beers - go for something different as a homebrewer!

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Mar 2011
Chester, IL
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I use wyeast 1272 for almost everything i brew. I brew mostly APA/IPA. I will occasionally use US-04.

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Apr 2011
louisville, KY
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Lately I've limited my yeast and have been just repitching. I keep brett trois, brett c, saison, jolly pumpkin, and a lambic going. I've just began woking with some spontaneous starters that should make it into the mix soon. Brett trois has become my go to ipa yeast, so glad it's going year round. If it isn't obvious I've given up on the whole 2 sets of equipment thing and just gone wild.

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Old 12-04-2012, 02:42 AM   #8
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Dec 2010
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I use Wyeast 1335 and 1882-PC for just about all my beers. Occasionally I'll use 1318 or rarely 1728 for a batch. I have a flask with 1882-PC in it that I'll be mixing with a glycerine solution in order to freeze vials of it for use later. That will come in handy if Wyeast doesn't release any in the next quarter, or two. I'll probably do some stepped up starters from either a vial later on, or harvest/wash a yeast cake early on to keep in the fridge. I REALLY like that strain.
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Feb 2010
Kalispell, MT
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I'm narrowing my yeasts to three; 1056, 2112, and S-23. I know, pretty lame....but I've just come to realize over time that big estery / fruity favors in my beers isn't my thing. I'm thinking of repitching these again and again till they mutate and see what they become.

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Mar 2012
Shaker Heights, Ohio
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I seem to use London Ale 50% of the time and Pacman 50% of the time. Every once in a while I'll use a Belgian yeast (for Belgians, duh) or maybe a wheat strain. I have s04, s05 and nottingham in the fridge as backups. I like the pacman for clean american styles and pseudo lagers, and I really like wlp013 for a little more estery an ale.

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