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Nov 2012
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I've been in my local hb shop today and there was somebody in there moaning about the price of things and everything's going up and the shop owner said "well that's why we all homebrew because its cheaper then buying beer, everybody in the shop agreed, except me and I thought with everybody's knowledge on this site and some of your set ups they're awesome it got me thinking

Why did you start?/starting?

Mine is just a simple answer I find it interesting and it's purely a hobby

What about you?

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Well,it's enjoyable & takes my mind off other things. Plus I get better beer. And how else can I get 6 gallons of IPA for 57c per bottle? And that's using extracts & hops. PM would be about $10 cheaper yet. It's just better all around when you're holding a glass of beer that you made with your own two hands & imagination. Now that's cool!
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Feb 2012
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I like beer, I like good beer, I like really good beer. Is it cheaper than any 30 pack on the shelf? No but it is cheaper than $10.00 - 4 packs and I am ok drinking either. I brew as a hobby but have been known to be a volume drinker, so some times the pipeline runs a little thin. I don't brew to win any competitions but to produce a drinkable product that any of my friends or I will enjoy. I also enjoy cooking and look at this as an extension of that.

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The beer I like to drink is $10-12 a six pack here in Michigan, if I can find it at all as I'm in a beer wasteland.

I do like brewing, but I don't think I'm really saving money since I've spent a fortune on equipment! My per batch cost is very inexpensive, about $20 or less for a 10 gallon batch- but it would take 40 years of savings to equal the amount I've invested in my gear and other "stuff".

I love fresh homebrew on tap, and I like brewing, and I'm too cheap to buy quality beer everyday (we would drink a six pack a night between the two of us). So, it's win-win.
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Nov 2012
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Yeah I also see brewing beer as an extension of cooking. I like to make things from scratch as it is fun for me. And I like good beer! I am not at a point that it is cheaper yet, Maybe in about 30 more batches I could say that the equipment has paid for itself, but I know that I will always be adding or improving equipment so I don't see myself getting beer too much cheaper than the stuff in stores.

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Sep 2012
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I like the challenge of it, and I like better beer than what I'm willing to pay for on a regular basis. Unlike many brewers on here, I've always been low-tech--my whole rig probably has cost me $400 or $500 in total--so it's also about saving money. This way, I can pretty much drink as much beer as I want to without paying $12 to $15 a sixer.

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Nov 2012
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I started cooking in fine dining restaurants that featured some really good beers, so I started drinking really, really good beers. I like trying to re-create excellent things I have done (charcuterie, sausage, breads, beer, etc).

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Save money? Sheesh...

If I spent 20% of the time that I spend thinking about brewing working instead, I could probably buy my own commercial brewery.
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Aug 2011
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IMO, if you brew extract kits you will always be able to buy commercial beers cheaper. If you buy in bulk you might save $.

If you progress to AG you will eventually be able to make beer cheaper. That is; if you don't count the time taken as a factor. I have kept track of all my expenses and after a year and a half I am at about $2/bottle but I just made a fermentation chamber that I have not figured into the costs.

Next will be a keezer.....

So to save money it takes time and you have to stop buying the latest bling!

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Nov 2012
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I like hoppy west coast IPAs. I can't buy hoppy west coast IPAs where I live. So I make my own.

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