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Other 108 6.65%
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Old 04-13-2011, 03:11 AM   #201
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Originally Posted by jfowler1 View Post
I appreciate the "why fix it if it ain't broke?" philosophy, but the fist piece of advice I would give to a new brewer is to throw away the packet of one-step that came with your kit, and pick up some PBW and Star-San. I honestly can't understand why it is common place to include it in starter kits.

One-Step is an oxygen based cleanser. It will do a decent job of cleaning up some surface organic matter, but it really does not clean or sanitize as you would believe. It does not clean as well as PBW, or sanitize as well as Star-San. It is like the worst of both worlds (or jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none).

I had used one-step for about 6 months - you will be shocked by the improvements you see using a quality cleaner and sanitizer.

Out of curiosity, assuming you bottle condition, do you get a little ring around the neck of your bottles? I had one everytime I used one-step. That little ring (which is a clear visual of a less than sanitary beer) will dissapear using PBW and Star-San.

I don't want to sound like an ass, but because of experience and what I have learned about these products, I would be doing you a disservice in not pointing those things out.

Give it a try - you won't be upset you did.

thanks for the advice, as said before, i'll stick with what i've been using for over 5 years. by the way, the one-step did not come in a starter kit.
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Personally, I use pure elemental iodine. I work in a laboratory and we have lots to use. I calculated the ppm and fond that with a stock solution of 3.33g/L and a working solution of a cap ful (~20 mL) to 5g I get close to desired concentration of the comercial brand.

Works for me, and my iodine is free. Never had an issue with it at all.

just my 2-cents

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Old 05-12-2011, 11:24 AM   #203
Mar 2011
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I have only use starsan so I cant say much about the other. I will say that starsan smells good, is reusable many many times. I have cleaned 120 beer bottles and 5 fermenters with my 1st mixture. You can eat starsan (diluted) if u want. I have never had an infection (that I know of). Its no rinse and the foam is like a second layer of protection + yeast food in 1. I'm very happy with it.
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I have been going back and forth on my vote for a long time but lately I'm loving the starsan... (don't fear the foam) I've used both going straight from soaking straight into the wort or just drained the keg and racked right on top of a little.. Their both great and it comes down to my brew day for wich one I will use..
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Generally I use Iodophor for bottling, & Star-San for everything else.

I keep a spray bottle of Star-San solution (prepared with distilled water) hanging in the kegerator. It's great to be able to spray my keg posts, QDs, and faucets when I'm swapping kegs. It's also great to have on hand when an airlock pops loose or gets gunked up from blowoff--I can just rinse it in the sink with hot water, then spray it down with Star-San solution, and I never have to go through the hassle of mixing up solution "to order" for these little unforeseen projects. If you use distilled or RO water when you prepare it, it lasts over a year (BTDT, checked with pH paper) in solution.

I also use it to clean/sanitize cutting boards, knives, grinder parts, etc. when I'm butchering pigs in a barn that has no running water.

For bottling, I use the "Vinator" spray sanitizer gadget that sits on top of the bottling tree. Star-San foams too much when you are blasting it into 50 bottles in rapid succession. And I worry that it might make the corks too slick when I'm bottling wine. In these cases, it's Iodophor all the way.

Another thing Iodophor has going for it is that while it may stain your soft plastic stuff yellowish, it won't make hoses all gummy and gross if you leave them sitting in the solution overnight. Star-San produces some sort of slime on plastic and makes soft vinyl sticky if you soak it for several hours. Fortunately, there's really no need to soak anything for more than a second or two with Star-San. Just wet it, remove it, and 30 seconds later it's ready to use.

If I had to choose only one sanitizer I guess it would be Star-San, but Iodophor is superior in some cases, so I keep both on hand.
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Old 06-21-2011, 10:48 PM   #206
Mar 2011
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I use Oxy-San.

It was developed for the Milk Industry, and (apparently) it sanitizes within aprox. 10 seconds of contact. Also, it takes about 1tsp for 1L of H2O, and with 1L I am ALWAYS able to sanitize all of my equip (again - no immersion needed. Just fill bottles/carboy with 1L solution and shake for 15 seconds)

10 second contact time,
No staining,
No Foam,
CHEAP (usually about 4$ for 250 grams)
Safe to handle without gloves etc.
No residue/doesn't stain clothes carpets or counters

Powder doesn't dissolve easily
1 year shelf-life (dry)
12 hour sanitizing power (once mixed)
Slight odor


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Old 06-22-2011, 05:40 PM   #207
Feb 2010
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Star San...
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Old 06-22-2011, 07:51 PM   #208
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I have both. I use idophor because the instructions on the Star San bottle are too frikkin' small for me to read and I lost my magnifying glass.

stupid reason, I know, but it's the truth!

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Old 10-25-2011, 04:48 PM   #209
Aug 2011
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And what is wrong with the bleach? Seems to be cheaper and more effective than anything else. I am a beginner though and may be missing something.

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Old 10-25-2011, 05:07 PM   #210
Jan 2007
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1. Inexpensive, but irrelevant on the scale of cost.
2. Can leave taste: Others don't
3. Stains clothes: others don't - How many shirts/pants does it take to add up to the $5 difference?
4. Multiple steps to use because you HAVE to rinse it.
5. Rinse? With what? The NON SANITIZED tap water???
6. Bleach works. Yes, it does. But I am in this hobby for enjoyment (and beer). Bleach does not make me happy as the other choices.
7. Time: Bleach takes longer to work.

So, I see no good reason to use bleach. Even if its free, its a bad deal. Idophor or star-san or anything equivilent, but not bleach.


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