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Nov 2012
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My husband has been brewing with extracts for 10 years and I want to get him a set up for all grain brewing for Christmas. I have read through many threads and it looks like there are lots of people for the 10 gal Blichmann pots and lots against. I have the opportunity to buy a used 10 gal blichmann for $250 and I'm wondering if it is worth the price or should I just get a less expensive SS pot? Keep in mind that I don't weld and do not know how to "build" one or even what is neccessary to have on a brew pot. I would appreciate any advice on this one. Thanks!

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Jan 2012
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They are nice but, I spent all the money to have the fancy equipment and regret buying alot of it. I can do just as good with my cheaper pots than I can with the most expensive. If ya have money to burn sure go for it. I am sure he would love it. As for me I regret buying some of the more expensive equipment.
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Nov 2012
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Definately don't have lots of money to burn and right now I am just trying to figure out what all is needed for all-grain. I know he will need a boil pot but not sure what is best. I know he needs a mash tun which I thought I might try to make and he will need a wort chiller which I could also buy used for $50 but I'm not sure if that is too much for a used homemade wort chiller. It is good to know that you are happy with the less expensive pot. I am leaning that way too but does it need to have a spigot, thermometer, etc??

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Sep 2012
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I would say it depends on what kind of brewer your husband is/will be. Does he load up on expensive beer or is he more of a minimalist? You can definitely make great beer without ever buying something with the world Blichmann on it, or you can spend lots of money on the fancy-schmancy stuff. Either way is OK, just depends on personal preference.

(For the record, I'm a Luddite--I have a stainless pot, a burner and a cooler. And I'm very happy with it.)

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The Blichmann provides convenience and BLINGGGGG. Like others said, you can get something just as functional for 1/4 the price, but if my GF gave me a Blichmann, I'd certainly feel the love everytime I gazed upon it's shiny blingness.

If you need to save some $$$ and just want something functional, there are better options.

If $250 isn't a stretch, and you want to really make your BF extra happy, I say go ahead and spring for the bling!
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Jul 2012
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I would say that Blichmann is good but overpriced. I would stick to a 10 Gallon SS pot, I like the thicker walled ones like the Megapot from Northern Brewer, I would get one with a ball valve at least.

I make due with a chiller, 10 gallon pot and my homemade 5 gallon mashtun. Keeping it cheap is a big deal for me but getting a nice 10 gallon pot and 10 gallon mashtun will allow for some growth and easy sparging. I know because I have a 5 gallon mashtun and it can only hold about 13lbs of grain so brewing beers with bigger grain bills is hard.

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I don't know what kind of brewer your husband is or what equipment he already has, but if he's been doing extract for 10 years and just string to do AG, you might want to start out small and get a kit like this:
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Originally Posted by LiquidFlame View Post
I don't know what kind of brewer your husband is or what equipment he already has, but if he's been doing extract for 10 years and just string to do AG, you might want to start out small and get a kit like this:
that's exactly what I got. I've been very happy with it. but must admit I want a fancy system some day.
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Oct 2012
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I'd say keep it cheap if you're only focusing on 5 gallon batches right now. I'd hate for him to sometime soon decide he'd like to make 10 gallon batches (or split a 10 gallon boil into two 5 gallon batches) and be stuck with a super nice kettle that's too small for boils and would only be used for heating up water. Go cheap now and if he wants to do bigger boils in the future, you'll still be spending less than you would for a Blichmann by getting a kettle or two sliced open and fitted with a couple of welds.

At least that's how I'm viewing my all-grain setup right now.
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I got 2) ten gallon stainless steel pots that are very heavy construction from a Craigslist at $100 for both. I added Bronze kettle valve kits from Northern Brewer for $25 each and a Brewhardware weldless sight valve to one of them. So I got something close to Blichmann for less than $100 each.

Blichmann = high quality bling at a price on the high side.

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