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The title? I just translated triple into german... it means Triplebock, or Triple Goat. Well, I've never done this before, but I'm just going to put it out there - I scored wlp885 Zurich Lager yeast, and they claim you can make a lager over 11% abv. According to a number of folks on this forum, this is the yeast used to produce Samichlaus, which is what, 14% abv? Soooooo I'm planning on making an 11% lager. I have a week old baltic porter mini brew/starter going on at 50F, going to decant and pour the slurry into this bohemoth after it's brewed. I'm actually planning 2 mash schedules because I mash on the stovetop in a 5 gallon brew pot. I have an 11.5# grain bill for a 3 gallon batch, so I'm going to split it in half to maximize fermentability and overall efficiency. I've achieved 95% efficiency with smaller brews, and I am just really looking forward to this project so...anyhoo, I am just wondering if anyone approves of my recipe or has any critique? BTW the honey malt and blackprinz are just taking up storage space and I want to use them and also up the abv. I'm calling this one Finals Week because school is the only other thing I'll be thinking about during the brew.

I used beercalculus at hopville:

Batch Size: 3 gallons
Estimated OG assuming 80% efficiency: 1.113
Estimated FG assuming 75% attenuation: 1.028 (this looks really high to me?)
Estimated IBUs: 38.7
Estimated ABV: 11.3% (yesssssssss)

6# British Lager Malt
3# Weyermann Dark Munich
1# Belgian Wheat Malt
12oz Crystal 60L
5oz Canadian Honey Malt
4oz Belgian Chocolate Malt
2oz Belgian Blackprinz Malt
2oz British Brown Malt

4oz (a bit more or less depending on efficiency and original gravity) dark brown sugar to be added during fermentation. I have read that adding completely fermentable stuff like this during fermentation can help dry out a beer.

.5oz Mt. Rainier 60 minutes boiled
.75oz Mt. Rainier 30 minutes boiled
.75oz Mt. Rainier 15 minutes boiled

Yeast: WLP885 (Zurich Lager)
-Also considering pitching a few jars of washed wlp830 German Lager to add to the pitch rate and help 885 along

NB: My cellar is conveniently hovering around 50F (ideal for wlp885) right now.

I plan to pitch at 70F and wait for yeast activity before transfering to the cellar FOREVER. No, really, I don't expect it to finish for like 3 months. Look, you can tear me apart if you want, I'm interested in what you have to say - I've read other threads where experienced brewers suggest that newcomers like me wait on the BIG lagers. I just think that it's time. My thought is that if it stalls at 1.060 or something, I'll deal. I'll toss in all the dregs that I have saved, I'll raise the temp, I'll find a way to make it drinkable. If it tastes horrid then I'll pitch multiple brett strains. It'll work out. I want to know how my recipe looks.

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