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Aug 2012
Fulleron, CA
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The LHBS in my neighborhood does demos once a month - extract and all grain. It brings people in and builds trust and loyalty. Also, reward repeat customers. With free shipping on Amazon it is hard to compete. So give people a reason to drive to your store.
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Sep 2012
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The store I go to has brewing classes something like the first Saturday of the month. I don't know how many people attend, but it's a great idea.
You give them the basic knowledge, help them with any inhibitions they have, then sell them the gear they need to do it at home!
You become their default brewing guru.
I assume that their classes are extract, but I don't know.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

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Feb 2010
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Talk to, and listen to, your customers. My lhbs store owner knows my name, knows that I had been unemployed, knows where I currently work and knows that I will wait longer to check out if he's slammed at the register, just because we have built that kind of relationship. I think that's good advice for any small business owner with a "captured" clientele that cares about the service they provide .

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Jan 2011
rural, ohio
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Originally Posted by 45_70sharps View Post
Why is it that all the dudes at brew stores have beards?
Did you miss the brew beard memo? All dude that brew should whenever possible grow a beard of epic proportions [spouse, occupation, and general hair growing ability allowing.

my chin hair is 4 inches the rest of my face is catching up.
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Jan 2012
san diego, california
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My number 1 pet peeve about LHBS's are that the prices are usually far higher than what it costs to buy the same stuff online even when adding in shipping. I'm not sure that's something you can control as an employee and not an owner, of course.

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Sep 2011
vernon hills, il
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I had a wonderful lhbs, they always had what I needed and at very competative prices. It is literally on my way home from work, so it's also convenient. The staff was all very friendly and helpful, and pretty knowledgeable.

All of a sudden, something changed. They had nothing in stock, unless you wanted random keg parts or 10000# pilsen dme. It got to the point I would call ahead to see if they had what I needed.

On a recent trip in, they had:

NO starsan
NO airlocks
NO us-05
NO dme except Pilsen
No lme

Those things are unacceptable!!!

When I walked in the door, the gentleman there asked me what I need, cause he doesn't have much. I have been going there a couple years and I see him often, and could sense the frustration he has. He has always wanted to help, and how can he if he doesn't have any ingredients? I just needed a few specialty grains and a couple airlocks, but all I got was the grain.

He hooked up my grain order, apologizing for not having the airlocks.

Anyway, my rant is over! lol

My point is, if the lhbs is convenient, priced well, knowledgeable, blah blah blah, nothing matters if they have nothing to sell!

I'm pretty bummed, too. I used to love that place...

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Old 11-25-2012, 11:46 AM   #17
Nov 2011
Victor, Idaho
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Being friendly and welcoming. The LHBS I used to go to in Chicago had staff that was miserably rude and cold. They thought they were experts and that I knew nothing because I was asking questions. Needless to say, I stopped going there unless I was in a major pinch.

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Nov 2012
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My local home brew shop(and I think it's funny I understood that acro right away-LHBS) has knowledgeable staff. And, anything they don't have in stock, they will order for me, I just pick it up the next week. That's all I ask, knowledge and the ability to get it for me. I live in a rural community where half the people don't even have a computer or Internet. To get our supplies, we travel to the south side of the next big city up from us, about 20 miles. Love that place.

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Feb 2010
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Selection and friendly knowledgeable staff.

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Sep 2012
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Beyond a premium staff that knows there stuff and takes care of the customer....would everyone like a reward card program? Something like Spend $400(doesn't take long!) and get a $20 gift certificate? Or just coupons sent to you often? What would you like to see in a reward card?

All the feed back is great!!! Thank you!

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