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ultimately, all yeasts were wild once.

It's just that the producers have isolated the yeasts responsible for certain types of wines, and they're usually regionally/environmentally specific.

The archaic/historic recipes that float around the net, usually say stuff like adding pieces of mouldy bread, or the leavings from a batch of beer and the like.

Hence any wild yeast that is used, is more likely not to produce a "good" (take that as relative) batch, unless you have been brewing wines/beers/etc for a long time and happen to dump the lees on a compost pile. Then you would find that some of the "wild" yeast, would actually be from the compost i.e. cultivated strains, but whether they "revert to type" over time is a different question......
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I keep bees and use the rinse water from cleaning my extracting equipment and also rinse my wax cappings - this honey water is essentially a waste product. Recently put some into a sanitized carboy w/lock and it is fermenting vigorously as I write and has ben for two weeks. Tastes OK so far. No yeast added at all. I tried this as an experiment (a 1 gallon batch) about 6 weeks ago and the new mead from that experiment was good enough to encourage me to try this batch. Made a fine, clear, strong, mildly sweet mead. Only a little yeasty taste and I think that's 'cause I didn't know enough to rack it off of the lees earlier.I'm not a brewer, I'm a beekeeper who can cook and like trying stuff with foodstuffs. Unless it is Pasteurized, it is hard to keep honey from souring/fermenting 'cause it attracts moisture from the air. Even when still in the comb. The natural yeast in this area, (Eastern Ohio, USA) make good bread too. Maybe it's just dumb luck.

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