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Tell them you were on your morning run, it was dark and you ran into a tree. Probably won't work. The truth is the best.. maybe.

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Just the other day, just as Im falling asleep, I get the dreaded demand "MAKE IT FLAAAAT!" from the wife. If one measly blanket isnt perfectly situated over her, it becomes my responsibility to fix it. So, in a huff, I sit up and start straightening. The sheet, under everything, must have gotten caught on the footboard, because there was a good bit of tension on it. So I pulled, and I yanked, and I pulled, and SWMBO decides to sit up to see what the trouble is.

Right about then I lost my grip and POW! My elbow connects with her lip, and I can feel her teeth on my skin. I considered running away through the back balcony at that moment, and got an ice cube. After the inital pain she started laughing... which was good... except she still had a busted lip. "I'll just tell everyone that I..."

"No" I said, "No one will ever believe that. What they WILL believe is that I was pulling the frigging blanket and accidently nailed you in the lip. Everyone knows I'm basically an idiot."

So thats what she did. Even her father laughed. Lip healed up within 2 days.

Hows the shiner, Yoop?
See, that's where the real story is.
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Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
I didn't sleep well last night, and so got up to go to the bathroom with the light out. Coming back to the bedroom, I missed the doorway and nailed my face on the door frame (head too!). I briefly saw stars, and the loud noise woke Bob up.
Must be a woman thing. My wife decided it would be a good idea to get up and go to the bathroom while her leg was DEAD asleep. Sprained her ankle and crashed to the floor like someone dropped an anvil. I don't think I've laughed that hard before or since. It's always funny to see her wander around after she turns the lights out... like a damn zombie with her arms out trying to make sure she doesn't walk into something. Didn't stop her from shoulder-checking the doorway when stumbling to get a crying baby though. Probably just inches away from the same result you had.
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