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Originally Posted by unionrdr View Post
Hot alcohol flavors are generally referred to as fusel alcohols. They come from high initial ferment temps. If it's not too bad/you caught it soon enough,they can be cleaned up in primary by allowing the yeast time after FG is reached to do so & settle out clear. Time in bottles can also help some. But if it's pretty bad you'll be stuck with it for the most part.
+1 Fermenting with higher temps than the recommend fermentation temps for a particular yeast will produce fusel alcohol (=bad) in your beer.

Nickh08215 Screw that! I'll deal with the extra alcohol flavor. I can't wait that long to drink my firs batch of brew ever!
And i was wondering. Is it just a strong alcohol FLAVOR that I got from the warm fermentation or is the brew itself actually more alcoholic? Because if it's more alcoholic, playing with fermentation temps is something I'm going to be really interested in messing around with

LMAO I know exactly how you feel, waiting sucks.

I would highly recommend against fermenting at higher than recommended temps for each yeast, different yeast like different fermenting temps, fermentation temp management i.e. proper/controlled temp is very good for your beer.

Its just a strong alcohol FLAVOR that you got from the warm fermentation, if you want higher alcohol in a batch, do a quick search and you will find lots of threads on how to accomplish just that = add sugar, add malt extract, add more grain, yada yada yada, lots of ways to add alcohol, but they will change the profile of your beer too, so you will need to do some research to figure out how to properly accomplish what you want.

The simple/easiest way I can recommend, is to just order a high ABV kit and brew it for your next batch.

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Green beer sucks, let it age/condition/finish and become great before drinking it. WileECoyote

Good/Great beer takes time! if you want a quick beer go to the store or bar!

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Mine wasn't technically smoked. It was bbq'd on a propane grill with a smoker box. This imparts some of the smokey flavor but it's really a roasted/smoked Turkey. Here's mine early on. I brined it for 2 days, rubbed it down with an herb butter and stuffed a bunch of fruit in the body cavity:

Naturally I enjoyed some of my punkin' ale, but I also busted out one of my favorite commercial brews for the occasion:

In a thinly veiled attempt to bring this back around: OP; NO...higher temps aren't going to appreciably increase your alcohol content, and will only encourage production of bad tasting/headache causing alcohols.

From wiki:

The term fusel is German for "bad liquor".[1]
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