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Old 11-20-2012, 03:28 AM   #1
Jul 2012
toronto, ontario
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Has anybody used this dry yeast before?
i used it for the first time. Normally I use S-05 or S-04 and a krausen forms and visible fermentation takes place within 12-18 hours.

When I used this yeast I didn't get any activity for 36 hours! There was absolutely no Krausen forming and thought perhaps the yeast was faulty and almost threw my beer out as a result. now after 3 days it's fermenting like crazy.

I brewed another beer on Sunday, with the same yeast, using a different package and so far after almost 20 hours later the same thing is happening - no activity and no krausen forming.

Anyone have experience with this yeast? I almost always get visible fermentation within 12 hours so this is very new to me. both beers have an OG of 1.050. the first beer i rehydrated it, the second beer I pitched it dry.

Look forward to your thoughts.

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Jan 2011
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I just used it for the first time. I brewed on Sunday and when I came home from work on Monday it was chugging along, so it started in less than 24 hours. I will be interested to see how it turns out.

I hope it turns out good, because it would be nice to have another dry yeast in the mix.

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Old 11-21-2012, 02:54 AM   #3
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Jun 2011
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Everything you describe has been my experience as well.... It does need a slightly warmer air temp than US05 (3-5 DF). There is no real reason for me to move away from US-05.

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Old 11-21-2012, 08:52 PM   #4
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Aug 2011
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I haven't used it but am very interested. The first big thread on BRY-97 had a lot of people noticing long lag times. The package says it flocculates better than other chico strain yeasts, which would be nice.
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Old 11-27-2012, 09:44 PM   #5
Jun 2006
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Trying it for the first time in an amber ale. Rehydrated at 90F for 20 min. and then stirred the yeast into a slurry before pitching. Had krausen forming the next morning and now have 2" of krausen in a 14" open fermenter at 48 hrs.

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Old 11-28-2012, 03:15 AM   #6
Sep 2010
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I was one of the users on the larger thread about this yeast, and although the lag time was longer than I wanted, and the beer seemed to take longer to come into its prime than say, us05 does, this yeast dropped like a rock inside of 2 weeks or so. And when I say drop, I mean the beer (an amber ale) looked absolutely filtered. I'm gonna give this yeast another shot and see how it does with a massively hoppy beer.

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Old 04-17-2013, 04:19 PM   #7
Apr 2013
State College, PA
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Just used this yeast for the first time, and it settled very strangely in the carboy within the first few hours, making the entire carboy look like a 3-layer cake. I didn't see ANY bubbles until a little over 3 days after pitch, when it started with some very fine white bubbles around the rim. Now, a day after (4 total) it looks like any old krausen, chugging away.

I tried not to panic, as I had read this and other threads on BRY-97, but it was certainly strange. I seemed to get the longer end of the timeline that some folks have referred to.

Hoping it drops like a rock, indeed.

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Old 04-04-2015, 12:43 AM   #8
Feb 2015
Bloomington, Indiana
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For who are interested. Here is the sheet.


I am about to try this on a light american because the LHBS was out of US-05.

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