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Ways to become a better person.
  1. Tip 20% of the post-tax total. It's an extra buck or two to a person who's working on a Friday night.
  2. Compliment people each day. Whether it's their clothing, jewelry, perfume, etc. Goes for men and women.
  3. Instead of bitching about someone who's not pulling their weight, see if you can figure out what's holding them back.
  4. Don't use "um" in conversations.
  5. Laugh at yourself before laughing at others.
  6. Smile.
  7. Use a reusable cup for coffee and water instead of disposables.
  8. Don't undervalue someone's job just because you think you're at a higher status.
  9. Teach someone something new each day.
  10. Hold the door open.
  11. Let people pass you in traffic. Let someone in, even if they've cheated.
  12. Use your turn signal.
  13. Walk on the right side of the sidewalk so bikers / joggers can pass. (Does this reverse in other countries?)
  14. Leave a penny.
  15. Leave money in the "cause" box near registers.
  16. Give a homeless person $5, even if you're sure he or she will use it for drugs or booze.
  17. Thank a police officer.
  18. Thank a veteran and consider buying their coffee and paper at the drug store.
  19. Don't be cynical.
  20. Donate unused stuff rather than tossing it out. It might be a few miles to the donation box, but you're doing everyone a favor.
  21. Recycle.
  22. If you're legs work, take the parking spot farther away and hope that the close by one goes to someone who's legs don't work as well.
  23. Say "Thank You" to clerks, even if they're slow.
  24. Use breath mints liberally.
  25. Use cologne conservatively.
  26. Don't make fun of foreigners who smell, talk, or act differently. Think of how alien they feel.
  27. Mow the lawn or shovel the snow of an elderly neighbor.
  28. Accept that people like different religions, politicians, foods, movies, sports teams and books. Unless the team is the Packers.
  29. Let someone else have the last piece of pizza.
  30. Buy your co-worker coffee or a bagel if you're stopping for one.
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#22 causes arguements with me and some of my lazier friends all the time. I almost always take the spot thats farthest away since I'm perfectly capable of making the walk and the extra exercise dosen't hurt either, the lazy friends don't always see it that way...

An ex-GF of mine would drive around a parking lot until a close spot would open up instead of parking farther away, drove me nuts!!
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Excellent advice Cheese, especially the part about the Packers.
And now we go AG!

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