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Originally Posted by Xpertskir View Post
I guess someone has never had exceptional wine(that happened to be expensive).
Is that your Xpert deduction?

I guess someone has never bought exceptional wine by the glass (that happened to be expensive).

I still wouldn't pay $240 for a bottle.

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Price? Meaningless.

Look at a good single malt whiskey or scotch. Johnny Walker Blue is around $300 a bottle; "The John Walker" is about $2k. I have had both and I will still take a Jameson 18 year over them because in my soul I love whiskey.

I have also had SA Utopias. IMO it is much like whiskey and not much like beer. Personally I would spend the money on something else and get a ticket to a tasting that was offering some. If you are disappointed in it you will not have a ton of cash tied into a bottle and can get something else PLUS not feel slighted; if you like it save up and get a bottle.
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Originally Posted by bovineblitz View Post
It's worth it in the right context. I wouldn't get it to have at random, but if you break it out on a special occasion, people will never forget it.
I paid $180 for my bottle, and it was steep even at that. But in my case, totally worth it. Considering how much time, energy, equipment, thought, and ingredients go into it, the price isn't actually that terrible. I recall on a tour of SA them saying that the profit margins aren't even that big on it.
This is what i was thinking (and what i would of wanted to pay) I love the brewing process and the fact this is still considered a "beer" is phenomial to me.

Going to hold off for now. Maybe find it for 40-50 cheaper.
Thx alot guys!!
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Originally Posted by blizzard View Post
I didn't care for it, so to me, not worth it. If you liked it and think you can build an experience to make it worth the price tag, then do it. I personally would spend it on other beers, but its your money.
Exactly, this^
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I could easily see $15 for a shot...but not a whole bottle. I like Scotch but $99/bottle is my limit there and I only did that once.

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I got a bottle for Christmas a few years ago. Definitely agree with the special occasion, had it the following New Years, well worth it...but again, it was a gift.

I'm not a hard alcohol fan but JW blue is worth it as well. Got a bottle with my initials etched in it for my brothers wedding. Same idea, great gift and great for special occasions. I'll break it out this Christmas and New Years.

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It depends on your level of sophistication. If there are 25 other famous beers you could buy for $5 a bottle that you haven't had yet. Or if there are styles of beers you haven't tried yet, where you can get bottles for a reasonable price. Then there is no reasonable excuse to acquire Utopias except for vanity or prestige.

It's like shooting heroin. If you need the next high... and everything else is old-hat... and you need to go bigger... well then there's SA Utopias waiting for you. Just reach out and grab it! But, if you haven't had sours, haven't tried many $20 bottles of beer, haven't scoured the beer aisles for the unusual offerings, etc... then why spend that much cash when there are less treacherous unknown waters to be charted?

I get the feeling that when people say there's a beer for connoisseurs, every half-wit dim bulb with $200 burning a hole in his pocket rushes out and buys a bottle because "it's special" and tasting it is a symbol of status. But if you don't really know the difference, all you're really getting for it is a buzz. Hey, if money is not an object to you, go and have your buzz. Idiots, and people with money to burn, do that. It's fine. Connoisseurs do it too... but a poor connoisseur will likely invite 10 other people with and organize a tasting.... people with good palates, even if they can't afford a bottle themselves.

In summary, rich people will drink it by the bottle. People of modest means will look for the opportunity to acquire a bottle and arrange a tasting amongst like-minded people for the shear joy of it. And connoisseurs will exhaust other avenues of exploration before bothering to spend such a ridiculous sum. Utopias is a milestone for connoisseurs... but a billboard for nitwits.

As proof, consider this: If you were to list your ten favorite beers for under $10 per bottle. And were to ask beer lovers two questions: 1) Have you had Utopias? and 2) Have you had more than 5 beers on my list of ten? Who, of those two groups, do you think is the true connoisseur? And as for the person who answers yes to both... that is probably a very dedicated connoisseur whose opinions I would respect.

I remember a friend from high school.. awhile after we graduated, were maybe 19 years old... and he talking about how great Dom Perignon was, how it was far superior to other champagnes. Connoisseur? Or nitwit? You decide.

Personally, I've never had Dom. I've been in plenty of situations where it has tempted me. I've been inclined to order it... But I just frankly haven't had enough champagne in my life to know a good one from a great one. So why bother? If I were to order Dom, I'd have 10 other champagnes on hand to taste it against.... so I could really understand what the buzz was about. Otherwise, to me, it would be nothing more than some nice bubbly. Although I'm sure a true connoisseur is reading this thinking they could point me to a few even BETTER champagnes than that! Well, with someone to guide me, maybe I'd learn something and my investment would be justified. Otherwise, I'm just drinking expensive booze.

I have organized beer tastings for friends. I've collected a dozen interesting and related bottles and said, "Stop on by, let's do a tasting." but I'm a long ways from needing to spend Utopias money to get a decent education on good beer. However, if a bottle fell into my lap, or if I found several friends eager to throw $10 or $20 down to taste the beer once, I wouldn't hesitate to organize a tasting and chip in the money myself... but I don't need to do that to improve my beer-geek status. The rest of my credentials speak for themselves already.
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Also comes down to how much spending money you got rolling around your pocket. If you'd easily drop $250 on a fancy dinner, designer shoes, golf clubs whatever, then go for it. It sure is rare and a great conversation piece.

Others might get more mileage on the $80 bottle of scotch and put the rest towards bills.

Still others might go with a bottle of Jim Beam and a 6 pack of craft beer and be totally happy.

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It's amazing. Buy it and cherish it.

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I've had the '08, '10, and '12 Utopias, and IMO the '08 was the best tasting. The '10 needed about a year and a half to smooth out. I just had the '12 a few days ago, and for me it was kind of like boozy maple syrup, much as the '10 was when it was first released. I think that the '12 will also mellow out in a year or so.

It's really a matter of personal taste, and your pocketbook. I personally think that if you can afford them, they are worth having or at least tasting.
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