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Originally Posted by kh54s10
The commercialization is getting ridiculous!

I am calling on everyone here to get everyone they know to NOT shop on Thanksgiving day. It is totally classless that Target, Walmart, Kmart Toys R Us, Sears and others will be opening 9pm on Thanksgiving day. It is also very disrespectful to the employees who will not be able to spend the day with their families.

I personally have not shopped on black Friday since the early 80's an will not ever again. Well maybe online, but I would not expect anything to be done right away.

Cudo's to Nordstram for not displaying Christmas items until AFTER Thanksgiving.

Pass the word! Let's see empty stores on Thanksgiving day!
I haven't read all the reply's, but this will be 12 (yes that is 10+2) years in the retail world. I work at a place that is/has/will be open 365 a year. Nothing pisses me off more then when someone comes in on a holiday for let's say aspirin, and they look at the cashier (me since I nominate myself to endure the torture on xmas, don't ask) and say without batting an eye "I'm sorry you have to work today." For the past 12 years of my life it ha taken every ounce of my being to not retort with "b..... The only reason I'm here is because you're here shopping"

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I have to admit I have been the person that forgot that one ingredient for the massive dinner I'm making and have needed to run to the store. Now I don't say anything stupid like, "sorry you have to work today" Because let's face it no one really wants to be there, and they are there for people like me. I do appreciate it though. And prior to joing the mil, I was always that person by choice. Someone had to do it, and I didn't have a family of my own to worry about, so I gladly worked the hours for people to be with their kids.

I like stores being open for the forgetfulls like me, but I hate that they are open all day/ late. Should be closed by let's say noon, so people can work/help and still get home to be with their families.

Ya also have to consider the people that live here that might not celebrate the same holidays due to their heritage.

This whole idea of Black Friday having to start at 9 pm the day before?? pisses me off royally, though. I'm tired of retail rushing our lives. Take a break.. Enjoy it one holiday at a time. Friday can wait till Friday. Christmas can wait until after Thanksgiving.

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Its unfortunate that one or two posters derailed this thread and did so with needless personal attacks. Personally attacking the poster rather than addressing the posts is not acceptable behavior here.

Rather than going back and deleting those posts, I'm leaving them so that this brilliant display remains visible for all to see, who can then form their opinions. If anyone would prefer not to have this record of their behavior on HBT visible, and would like me to delete their posts, let me know via pm.

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