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Originally Posted by Pappers_ View Post
I'm actually a bot, programmed to mimic a grumpy old man-brewer. How am I doing?
Eh, I've seen grumpier bots. Not enough yelling at those damn kids going on. Please return to programmer for upgrade.
I hate Walder Frey...

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Some of those are bots. It would be difficult to determine, but the members online are not.

Are some of those spammers? Sure, but the majority are not.

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For how often HBT comes up on google, I am floored at how often brewers haven't heard of the site. I recommend it almost daily. Most of the brewers around here are too fixed in their ways to give the site a try.

I feel sorry for the professional brewers who AREN'T on this site as well. It seems like such an asset to have people familiar with brewing, but educated in other fields to give specialized input.
The best beer I ever made was the next one I brew.

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Originally Posted by GilaMinumBeer

Google just about anything and, often times, you'll get a hit to HBT within the top 10. Is that not the work of a bot crawl?
Originally Posted by Thundercougarfalconbird
For how often HBT comes up on google, I am floored at how often brewers haven't heard of the site.
It doesn't come up nearly as much as you think. Google knows you use the site a lot (as it does I) and so it assumes that results on HBT are either more relevant to your queries or just flat out preferred by you.

If you made the same searches on a new computer (I don't think they track IPs for this purpose) with a new (or simply no) user account, HBT will end up further down the list than the top spots you often see it occupying... in many, if not most, cases (depending on the kinds of things you search for), MUCH further down the list, so as to go absolutely unseen and unnoticed by the average user. Just about anything that tends to show up for a search unrelated to beer or homebrew - and even many that ARE - are a result of this.

(BTW... a bot "crawl" is what Google itself does to both index and rank pages, so it could certainly be said to be the work of that )

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