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Nov 2012
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New to the forums and not sure which area to post this in. I started a brew on Sunday night and today I noticed that the plastic fermenting lid had a small crack around the outside edge that clips on to the bucket.

Without thinking, I used plastic cement glue to try and secure the gap for air leaks. I didn't push the glue in the opening of the crack but rather applied it to the top of the crack down the length to seal it from the outside.

After doing this I noticed the label of the glue says poison - do not ingest or inhale. Now that I've done a bit of reading I know that I should have either just left it or spent $5 on a new lid but for some reason I panicked thinking my brew was compromised.

I don't believe any glue could have come into contact with the brew because the crack was very small and quite tight but enough that air could escape. Also it was fairly small amount of glue vs 23 liters/ 5 gallons of beer. The glue appears to have formed a mound on top of the crack sealing it but does anyone have an opinion or experience as to whether or not this would be still safe to drink or if it should be scrapped? Would there be a way to tell if the beer is still good once it's done?

The only thing I can imagine would be maybe the fumes coming into contact with the brew but I think with the upward pressure of the Co2 leaving the fermenting bucket this may not be a big factor?

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Nov 2011
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What you never ate glue as a child?

IMO you should be fine.. I think its only toxic when wet, for the most part. And I think the co2 would keep the fumes out. As long as you don't see any of the glue that could have dripped in you should be okay.
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Mine was uncovered for half a day today and I'm not stressing it yet.

I doubt the fumes even got through the crack with all the pressure from the CO2 coming out of the bucket. So no, I wouldn't worry.

Best way to tell is the taste test when the beer is done. If it's gross, then something happen to it.
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I would say you're fine, but I wouldn't do it again!
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Nov 2012
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I'd say you are fine. Have you considered moving to a better bottle?

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Nov 2012
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I would think you are fine as long as A) no glue dripped into the beer and B) the fumes are not heavier than CO2. It would take a lot of fumes and from the sound of it that is not the case, but if the fumes were heavy and sat on the beer it could lend off flavors (highly unlikely, but just a thought). Taste and smell tests should be able to tell you that once you rack.

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You're fine.

Do note, though, that many buckets fail to properly seal - the crack wasn't going to hurt anything, as the initial fermentation pressure would push out the oxygen, and CO2 being heavier than air would insluate the beer after that point.
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