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Sep 2005
Claymont, DE
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Ive read many things as far as how you add your hops to the brew, and was wondering what everyone on here's opinion are. So what do you do?

1) add the hops (or hop pellets in my case thus far) directly to the boil (spread out throughout the boil obviously, depending if they're aromatic or bittering) and letting the hops break down as much as possible, eventually adding them to your wort

2) steeping them, and removing them at the end of the boil.

3) any other suggestions?
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Nov 2005
Pflugerville, TX
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You can use nylon stockings. Yes, pantyhose. Just boil them before their first use. Then just stuff all your pellets into them and drop the whole thing into the boiling wort.

Use whole hops and some sort of bazooka screen or whatever in your boil kettle and let gravity siphon the beer out.

There's a number of ways.

Some folks use large paint strainer bags found at home depot. They make something to hang them from and just add their additions throughout the boil as the paint strainer bag sort of 'floats' in the wort while being secured and open for more additions above the kettle.

Good stuff.

I just toss my whole leaf hops in my kettle... but I have a bazooka screen for when it's ready to transfer.

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I use secondaries. :p
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Sep 2005
Cary, NC
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For leaf hops, I use a bag.

For pellets, I just toss them in directly. I don't try to filter them out before going into primary. They get left behind when I rack to the secondary.

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Oct 2005
Oak Grove, Oregon, USA
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I use a bazooka and put both pellets and leaf directly in the kettle. I actually have more trouble with pellets clogging the bazooka than with leaf. You could probably use a big sieve or a colander for leaf.
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Feb 2005
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I put my hops in loose.

I strain them through a nylon net that I place on my primary bucket. Then I sparge them with a gallon of cold water.

When I used pellets they are so fine that some of the residue gets into the primary.

I've experimented by using 2 nets, but that took so long to sparge that I quit it during the first time I tried it.

Now I mostly use whole hops, but I still use my net and sparge.
HB Bill

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