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Oct 2012
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I only drink Friday sarurday night don't like drinking on a work night learnt my lesson once going to work with an hangover not a brikliant thing to do

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Aug 2012
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Originally Posted by shezz View Post
I only drink Friday sarurday night don't like drinking on a work night learnt my lesson once going to work with an hangover not a brikliant thing to do
If you type like that sober, drinking on a weeknight must be a bad idea.

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Oct 2011
Marysville, WA
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Usually about 5- 6 nights a week, 2 12oz. with dinner. Not enough to get any kind of buzz, but enough to enjoy with my dinner.

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Aug 2010
Juneau, AK
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I used to drink only on Friday or Saturday nights. However, for the past week and into the foreseeable future - Lots!

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May 2009
Spring, TX
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4-5 nights a week, average say 4 on a weeknight. Saturdays can get more... extensive, espeically if I'm slow smoking something on the patio, which usually entails popping the first one around noon, and going stedily (say, one beer every 45 min or so) till dinner is done and eaten, around 8 hours later. Then a scotch or two nightcap, then pass out and hate myself on Sunday

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Dec 2011
Spring Grove, IL
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I drink every day.....and work out every day. Weeknights as soon as I get home from the gym I'll have 2 pints, then have 2-3 vodka & 7up's with dinner. Weekends usually from about noon on....
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Aug 2012
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More than some but less than others
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Nov 2008
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I work rotating 12 hour shifts. When I'm on nights, I don't drink at all. Not because it "feels wrong to drink at 7am", it doesn't. Because I usually crash as soon as I walk in the door and I won't drink before work. Otherwise, I typically drink by myself at home, so probably 2 maaaaaayyyyybe 3 if I drink at all. When I go out or on the rare occasion I have company, I'd say around 6-10 depending on the night. But it's pretty well spaced out over several hours so I never really get drunk, just a happy little buzz.
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Old 11-14-2012, 06:15 AM   #29
Jan 2012
Rochester, NY
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I was doing 1-2 a night, but that was too much...getting fat. Now i'm trying to have a few on the weekends and none during the week, but tend to drink waaaay too much to compensate. Oh well

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Jan 2012
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I don't drink on the week nights and usually not on the weekends unless something is going on. If I'm going to party I can easily kill 14 or 15 beers in a night. Usually a bad idea. I'm getting older now and it seems like the hangovers are lasting longer and longer. Used to last an afternoon now it's a solid day before I can function again hahaha. Doesn't help all my friends are younger than me so I'm still trying to hang with the young bucks.

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