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I'm semi-retired, so everyday is Saturday for me.

I drink a beer about 2 in the afternoon, in a "beer glass" sized glass like a small one from a bar.

Then after dinner, I have several more while I browse the internet and chat with Bob.

I haven't measured the glass, but I'd say it would probably be a total of 3-4 12 ounce beers every evening.

I don't ever binge drink, so the total is about the same all the time.
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Aug 2012
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3to6 around monsay threw thursday and they range in different ABV from 6% to 10%. and friday night eh 3 to 6 maybe. Saturday and sunday I generaly have one or two a bit early 10am to 2 pm after I clean the house and do some home chors. But then I usualy dont have any the rest of the day. Maybe one later that night before dinner.

I drink a lot less on weekends. Because I dont have to work I probanly get tanked 1 to 2 nights a week and its not friday or saturday lol.

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Aug 2012
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More than most, less than I used to.

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Originally Posted by TNGabe View Post
More than most, less than I used to.
+1. Pushing fifty, I don't like hangovers. Or hangovers don't like me.

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Bulls Beers
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Originally Posted by dbrewski View Post
+1. Pushing fifty, I don't like hangovers. Or hangovers don't like me.
Hangovers do suck. I can't handle them like I use to. I try, TRY not to drink that much during the week. You know calories and all..But Friday, Saturday and football Sunday, All bets are off. Maybe a few on Friday, a six on Saturday. I like Saturday beer night. Then 4ish or so if the Patriots are winning, Like today Bitches!!!!Shyte, I drink a lot..
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Originally Posted by dbrewski View Post
+1. Pushing fifty, I don't like hangovers. Or hangovers don't like me.
Never had one...
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I figure the bucket has a handle on it for a reason
Originally Posted by IrregularPulse View Post
Have you ever had decent sex that didn't involve shoving a foot somewhere? Didn't think so. :drunk:

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I recently broke my arm and have been told to hold off drinking while it heals. So, I decided to buy some NA beers and I am actually impressed. There are a couple decent ones out there (if you enjoy German lager styles especially). It's nice because they have half the calories and never cause any hangover. I'm the kind of guy who loves the flavor of beer and will keep drinking it all night for that reason, but I don't like getting hammered so much anymore. In the future, I will be switching between full alcohol beers and NA beers to keep a mild buzz but be able to still enjoy the taste of beer. I'm sure my liver and waistline will be thankful.

P.S. To all the bartenders exclaiming, "It's non-alcoholic!": I ------ know that, just give me the damned drink!

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Aug 2012
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Friend used to say, "Drinking near beer is like having sex with your sister....just F%$#ing wrong!

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I definitely do not drink like I used to. I've never been a daily drinker (except when on vacation), I was more of a binge drinker on the weekend nights.

On a normal week I limit myself to six beers and only Friday-Sunday. About once a month I hit a pint night on a Tuesday and have 2-3 pints and about once a month I go out drinking on the weekend and replace 3 beers at home with 3-4 pints at the bar. I went from partying hard to partying rarely. Law school does that to you. Well, some students. I know a few people who have come to class drunk.

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