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Hey Guys and Gals opening up a new pallet. Same rules as always. Pickup is in Independence and we take cash or credit. Prices include freight to my door. Order goes in when the pallet is full. Can also get bulk rice hulls.

Since 1876, Briess Malt & Ingredients Company has been supplying the brewing community with the highest quality malts in the industry. And for the past four decades they've
distinguished themselves by developing the most extensive line of specialty malts produced by any malting company in the world.
Usage Bagged Malt Prices – 50 pound bags.

5303 Pilsen Malt $48.00

5298 2‐Row Brewers Malt $45.00

5305 Organic 2‐Row Brewers Malt $60.50

5294 6‐Row Brewers Malt $44.00

5301 Pale Ale Malt $49.00

5311 Organic Pale Ale Malt $62.00

5317 Wheat Malt, White $46.00

5323 Wheat, Red $46.00

Item ID High Temp Kilned Malts Item ID

5353 Vienna Malt $49.00

5355 Ashburne® Mild Malt $50.50

5344 Bonlander® Munich Malt $50.50

5339 Organic Bonlander® Munich Malt $62.00

4346 Aromatic Malt $50.50

5337 Munich Malt 10L $49.00

5342 Munich Malt 20L $49.00

Item ID Caramel Malts
5300 All caramel/Crystal malts 10-120L $54.00

5408 Caramel Vienne 20L $55.00

5413 Caramel Munich 60L$55.00

® Malts Item ID

5347 Carapils® Malt $55.00

Item ID Specialty Malts Item ID

5351 Victory® Malt $56.00

5398 Special Roast Malt $56.00

5332 Rye Malt $59.00

5400 Chocolate Malt $59.00

5390 Black Patent Malt $56.50

5393 Roasted Barley $56.00

5396 Black Barley $56.00

Founded in 1934, Great Western Malting is the oldest malting company in the western United States, operating malt plants in Vancouver, Washington and Pocatello, Idaho.
With the capability to load railcars, trucks, bulk vessels and containers, Great Western Malting supplies brewers, distillers and food processors in the United States, Canada,
Asia and South America with the highest quality malts.

GW-2ROW Premium 2 Row $47.50

GW-Pale $47.50

Established in 1902, Canada Malting Company is one of the oldest and most well established malting companies worldwide. As a leader in the malting industry, we service
the needs of a wide range of customers, from the largest multi‐national organizations to the smallest of craft brewers.
We understand that the best quality malt comes from the best quality barley. With this understanding, we are continually building relationships with our local growers.
Additionally, we own and operateour own grain elevators in key barley producing areas, allowing us to get even closer to our farmers and the best quality barley.

CM-SPIL Superior Pilsen $44.00

CM‐PALE Superior Pale Ale $44.00

CM‐2ROW Canadian 2‐Row $45.00

CM‐6ROW Canadian 6‐Row $45.00

CM‐WHET Wheat Malt $45.00

CM‐MUNH Munich Malt $45.00

CM‐RYEM Rye Malt $45.00

Gambrinus Malting Corporation has the distinction of being the smallest malting house in North America. The company produces about 6,200 US tons of malt each year.
The malthouse originally belonged to the Schlossquell Brewery of Heidelberg, Germany. In 1992 the malthouse was dismantled and shipped to Armstrong, BC, Canada
where it still resides today producing some of the finest Canadian 2‐Row malts available.
Typical Analysis Moisture Protein Extract CG Usage Bagged Malt Prices – 55 pound Bags

GB‐PILS Pilsen $56.25

GB‐PALE Pale Ale Malt $56.25

GB‐ESB ESB Pale $56.25

GB‐VIEN Vienna Malt $57.90

GB‐MUNH10 Munich Light (90) $57.90

GB‐MUNH30 Munich Dark (100)$57.90

GB‐HONY Honey Malt $59.45

Headquartered in Heidelberg, Best Malz malt houses are located in the best cultivation areas for growing brewer’s grade barley in Europe – Niedersachsen, Rheinhessen,
Rheinland‐Pfalz and Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany. Best uses only pure, top‐grade, two‐row spring barley which they personally choose from in their own growing
region. All of their barley and wheat is grown under controlled organic methods, based on the most modern agricultural regiment with the goal of fulfilling your
specific demands for quality.
Typical Analysis Moisture Protein Extract CG Usage Bagged Malt Prices – 55 pound bags

BZ‐HDBR Heidelberg Malt $51.00

BZ‐PILS Pilsen $51.00

BZ‐WHT Pale Wheat $51.00

BZ‐DWHT Dark Wheat $55.70

BZ‐VIEN Vienna $53.00

BZ‐MUNH Light Munich $53.00

BZ‐DMUN Dark Munich $54.00

BZ‐ARO Aromatic Malt $56.25

Malteries Franco‐Belges (MFB) is a division of the Soufflet Group, one of France’s leading grain companies. Their combined output of over one billion pounds of malt
annually makes them the largest maltster in France, ensuring brewers a consistently fresh supply of malt.
All of MFB’s base malts are made from highly modified premium two‐row French spring or winter barley and wheat. Caramelized and roasted malts are made from six‐row
barley or wheat carefully selected from the growing fields of France to ensure maximum aroma and taste.
Typical Analysis Moisture Protein Extract CG Usage Bagged Malt Prices – 55 pound Bags P
FB‐PILS Pilsen $54.75

FB‐PALE Pale Ale $54.75

FB‐WHET Wheat$56.25

‐FB‐VIEN Vienna $56.50

FB‐SPAR Special Aromatic $55.50

FB‐SMUN Munich $55.50

FB‐DMUN Dark Munich $55.50

FB‐KAMB Kiln Amber $61.00

FB‐KCOF Kiln Coffee $61.00

FB‐BLCK Kiln Black $61.00

FB‐CHOC Chocolate$61.00

Established in 1823, Bairds Malt Ltd currently operates five malting sites across the UK. Their malt houses are located in the best malting barley growing regions in the
UK so as such, they have a policy of using only locally grown barley. As suppliers to many well known brewing and distilling companies, they take quite a bit of
pleasure from the fact that a great many people enjoying a drink indirectly appreciate our efforts in producing malt of the highest quality.
Typical Analysis Moisture Protein Extract CG Usage Bagged Malt Prices – 55 pound bags.

BD‐PILS Pilsen $52.00

BD‐MOPA Maris Otter $ $57.00

BD‐PALE Pale Ale$52.00

BD‐VIEN Vienna $52.00

BD‐MUNH Munich $52.00

BD‐LCRN Light Carastan Malt $56.00

BD‐CRSN Carastan Malt $56.00

BD‐CR75 Dark Crystal Malt $56.00

BD‐DCRL Extra Dark Crystal Malt$56.00

BD‐BLCK Black Malt $59.00

BD‐RSTB Roasted Barley $59.00

‐CHLT Chocolate Malt 59.00

The Fawcett family has been making malt in Castleford, West Yorkshire, England since the late 1780’s. The company continues today as one of the oldest family controlled
and managed business in the UK. Fawcett's prides itself on malting the finest Scottish barely varieties such as Golden Promise and traditional floor malted English
Maris Otter. Fawcett’s small batch Color, Crystal and Roasted specialty malts are produced from hand selected lots of premium UK barley and are second to none for
quality, consistency and selection.
Typical Analysis Moisture Protein Extract CG Usage Bagged Malt Prices – 55 pound

TF‐MOPA Maris Otter $60.00

TF‐GPRM Golden Promise $62.00

TF‐HALC Halcyon $59.50

TF‐OPTC Optic $59.50

TF‐PRL Pearl $59.00

TF‐LAGR Lager Malt $59.00

TF‐WHET Wheat Malt $60.50

TF‐AMBR Amber$63.00

TF‐CARM CaraMalt $63.00

TF‐BRWN Brown Malt $63.00

TF‐CHOC Chocolate Malt$63.00

TF‐PCHO Pale Chocolate Malt $63.00

TF‐BLK Black Malt $63.00

TF‐RSTB Roasted Barley $63.00

TF‐OATM Oat Malt $62.00

TF‐PEAT Peated Malt $73.00

TF‐RYEA Rye Malt $64.00

TF‐TWHT Torrefied Wheat $60.00

TF‐FLBR Flaked Barley $63.00

Briess malt extract are produced in a fully automated, state‐of‐the‐art 500 barrel brewhouse. Located in Chilton, Wisconsin, their extract plant is fed a continuous diet
of freshly produced Briess Malt. This uniquely qualifies Briess as the only vertically integrated malting company in North America.

Dried Malt Extract

Item ID Product Product Size Price

5760 Pilsen Light (2°L) 50 pound bag $125.00
5748 Golden Light (4°L) 50 pound bag $125.00
5756 Bavarian Wheat (3°L) 50 pound bag $125.00
5752 Sparkling Amber (10°L) 50 pound bag $125.00
5754 Traditional Dark (30°L) 50 pound bag $125.00
5727 Maltoferm A‐6001 (500°L) 50 pound bag $135.00
5730 Maltoferm 10001 (Organic) (500°L) 50 pound bag $140.00
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