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Sep 2012
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Since I am not yet advanced to do partial mash or full grain, I would be looking for extract kits at this point.

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Mar 2012
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Have you tried a red ale?

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Apr 2012
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I always keep a case or two of mildly hopped ( about 10-12 IBU's ) nut brown ale on hand for a few friends who don't like the bitterness of high IBU brews. I also keep the ABV at a little below 5%. Basically it'a a version of New Castle with lower IBU's and more malty, nutty flavor. Give New Castle a try and see if adjusting it might fit your tastes. Lots of kits out there that could easily be modified.



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My wife used to say she doesn't like beer, it turns out she hadn't had very many different styles. When I got into brewing she discovered a lot of styles she hadn't ever tried that she really liked.

Try Wit, Hefeweizen, Stout or Brown Porter, Saison, Belgian Dubbel. With the exception of the Stout or Porter these styles all have a complex fruit-type flavor from the yeast that gives it a very different taste than most other beer styles.

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Jun 2011
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Beer face?

SWMBO (NO, that is NOT her in the pic...) is like this too, does not enjoy beers in general. I think it is the bitterness from the hops that makes her cringe, since she does enjoy really smoky single malts.

One type of beer that she CAN drink though, is Japanese styles like Sapporo and Kirin. Kirin in the US is contract brewed, so it may be quite different from what you can get here in Sweden.

I doubt that there are many kits for this type of beers though, but if you feel up to the challenge, I found a extract/grain recipe on Northern Brewer's forum:
1/2 lb carapils

4 lbs pale or extra light malt extract
2 lbs rice syrup solids

1 oz Czech Saaz (60 min)

1/4 oz saaz (15 min)
1/4 oz hersbrucker (15 min)

1/4 oz saaz (1 min)
1/4 oz hersbrucker (1 min)

Wyeast 2007 Pilsen Lager yeast

It's a good base recipe similar Kirin and if you need rice syrup solids NB carries them, with all that other stuff too. Cheers!"

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Feb 2012
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Yup my wife doesn't like beer...

Nope not true at all. That's what she though until she started drinking my beer.

She will drink (or steal right from my freaking hand) anything I make that's not stupidly hopped.

fruit might help, or chocolate

commercial beers she will drink more than one of are Granville Island Brewery's Raspberry Ale and Young's Double Chocolate Stout. GIBs Raspberry is not bitter at all, its well balanced and slightly tart. Malt up front, on the tongue with a raspberry nose. Clean crisp finish. Young's is bitter but mostly from chocolate and grains not from hops.

also she thinks the mild i just did smelled like a caramel chocolate blondie while it was mashing so she will probably really like that one.

others i have made she liked: best bitter, blackberry porter, and honey brown
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May 2012
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Maybe try a Lindeman's, in either the cherry or raspberry styles. These are sweet, intensely fruity beers that many beer haters love immediately. These days I love and brew all kinds of styles, from milds to IPAs, but years ago, Lindeman's was my "starter" beer (I didn't drink anything until my late 20s). Lots of lambic enthusiasts sneer at them for being sweetened, but that beer is a really amazing fruit bomb.
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Mar 2012
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Abita strawberry is another fruity, barely beery brew.

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Originally Posted by Kialya View Post
As the thread title states: I am married and brew mainly for my husband's enjoyment. I would actually like to start drinking/tasting beer for myself too however ....

Every beer I have ever tried tastes ... well, like .. beer? To say I am not crazy about the taste is mild to say the least. Every one I have tried makes my face screw up like an old woman. The last time I tried a sampler of craft beer styles was 2 months ago at BJ's and the blondes were barely acceptable(still did not take more then one drink of each) and the darker styles undrinkable period. My local home brew shop owner says I just have not found the right beer yet. So .... any ideas where to start? I have a sensitive palate apparently. (Like my food mildy spiced, etc.)

The only beer I ever remember finishing an entire glass of was literally 20 years ago in Germany; it was a Dunkelweizen. Even then, I remember having to force most of it down. I feel pathetic just posting this but not sure whom else would have the knowledge where to begin.
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Apr 2012
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Search for yuri's thunderstruck pumpkin ale. Low ibu, smooth tastes, extract, easy to brew.

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