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Jun 2008
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When I look at the krausen after 24 hours and see all the dark brown sludge on the virginal white yeast, I think to myself that I don't want it in my beer, so I whip off the bucket lid and remove it with a soup ladle. Two hours later there is more sludge on the white foam so I remove it again. Am I removing yeast that should be left in position. Summarising, I remove this sludge 3 or 4 times a day for 3 days or so until I have just white foam, then I leave it till no white foam on top, then bottle. ( I am in the UK).

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Jul 2012
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The sludge will stick to the outside of the fermenter when the krausen drops. It's not going to be in the beer. What's you're doing is a little OCD, and you're providing more chances to introduce possible infections.

However, you're not removing enough yeast by doing this to cause any attenuation issues.

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Jun 2008
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Some of the sludge is in the centre so that will drop into the beer IMHO.

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Jul 2009
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I dont remove it. It will all settle out, then you'll siphon off of it.

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Jun 2012
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Heres a little advice... once you pitch your yeast and close the fermenting bucket, do not touch it for at least 2 weeks. The "sludge you are seeing will stick to the sides as the krausen settles and anything else will precipitate to the bottkm with the rest of the trub.

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Jul 2011
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I'm a firm believer in handling the beer as little as possible. Charlie Papazian warned against "mucking about in your beer" when it's not necessary.

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May 2012
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"Some of the sludge is in the centre so that will drop into the beer IMHO."

Well, a couple thousand years of brewing has led to the conclusion that you should just leave it alone. It is your beer, so you can do whatever you want with it, but what you are doing has no benefit and just increases your risk of infection.

Honestly though, do you think the big breweries are dangling some guy from a rope over a giant fermenter so he can skim off the floaties?

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Apr 2012
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I just got my first infected batch a week or so ago. It was my Oktoberfest Iand I had invested a good amount of time and love into the brew and it was quite a loss. I took it emotionally, it was devastating and extremely disruptive to my pipeline. I am pretty sure the infection occurred because I was screwing around with the beer too much. Popping the lid off and tasting and sniffing and inspecting because I was so excited about my first Oktoberfest.

Seriously, leave your beer alone. It will suck when one goes sour/bad because you couldn't leave it alone. All that gunk with settle out or stick to the side and is the least of your worries. Focus that energy on Temperature and sanitization control, creating yeast starters for future brews and brewing in general.

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May 2010
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I agree...leave the yeastie beasties to do their thing in peace! All that yeast, protein, and trub will settle out. I found a vast improvement in my beer once I listened to all the brewers who leave their brews alone for at least 3-4 weeks before sampling and bottling. And when you siphon you can almost vacuum the beer off the cake because it is so compact...more beer!
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um you didn't hear? That is where the flavor comes from.

I think the phrase "simply unfooled around with" should apply here. i.e. stop fooling with it!
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