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Oct 2012
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So, I've come to a brewing dilemma. I made my first extract beer and I can't decide what I think of it. It may be ok, maybe a little bitter from the water I used, but it could also be infested with bacteria and clearly terrible. I feel like I have a very narrow pallet when it comes to truly enjoying a beer and I'm worried this will hinder me. I still like the creative process, and the idea of people getting drunk on my concoction. I need to refine my pallet. How?

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Oct 2011
Hardin, Montana
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Strive to do everything you read about and implement one at a time and evaluate outcome....Use bottled water next,,,next start using steeping a yeast starter.....

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Mar 2012
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drink more beer, drink lots of different styles of beers, read up on the various off-tastes that you can get, brew lots, eat some of the raw grains and chew on some of the raw hops. just start teaching your brain to pay attention to what your mouth is tasting. taste your hydro samples, and don't get discouraged if it's not what you expect at first. the beer will change many times over the course of fermenting and conditioning. take good notes on what you're tasting and go over them.

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Nov 2011
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Brew another 2 or 3 beers. My first beer sucked but all of the rest have been pretty good and a couple are really good. Your process and hence your beers will get better. Just keep brewing.
This might be the beer talking....but I really love beer!

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Sep 2012
, Ohio
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I agree, drink more beer that you are not used to drinking.
I have had some, like pale ales, that I thought were terrible because i was not used to the real hops flavor and bitterness, after a while not only did i get used to the flavor, I grew to like it.

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Oct 2012
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Developing your beer pallet is easy, just drink more beer! When you go to buy beer push yourself to try something new

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Sep 2011
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I felt the exact same way after my first brew. I still can't remember how I got into brewing, I never really had beer other than Miller High Life and Guiness at that time. When I had my first homebrew I felt like I had good beer but just didn't know it. Well, it was a terrible beer from a really old extract kit but it sort of woke me up to the entire world of beer. At that point I started drinking a lot of beers that I never heard about read about or even seen before.

Then it became okay why does my beer taste like this or how do I make my beer taste like this?

I think a good idea would be to have a look at the homebrew competition categories and learn about what kind of beers there are out there that people are making. Use see which beers are highly rated in each category and try to find those beers.
-Retired Homebrewer

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Sep 2012
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Yep, drinking more beer sounds like a solution to your problem. Not a bad solution to have to deal with either.
I'm not sure what is available where you are, but if you can try to keep finding different styles of beer to taste.
Back when I bought beer, I would pick up a half case of anything new to me that looked good.
I still look for anything new and interesting when I actually get a chance to go to the bar.
I even got my buddy who drank nothing but Bush beer to start buying moosehead after I brought that over to his house one time.
Now he loves all kinds of good beer, but prefers mine.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

On tap
Black Butte clone

In secondary
Pumpkin ale

In primary
Honey wit

Up next.. Firestone Union Jack clone

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Oct 2012
, Wisconsin
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How long ago did you brew it? When I tried my first brew after botteling and letting it carb up for 3weeks than chilling for a day, I wasn't impressed at all. 2weeks later it was great tasting beer.

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Oct 2010
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From the beginning I kept a tasting diary. For commencial beers, I would write my initial impression and whether I liked it or not. For my home brews I would note tasing impressions after 4 weeks conditioning, 6,8, etc. That will help you understand what the effect of time is on beer, and will help you be patient. A lot of brewers get discouraged because they drink their beer green and think it sucks. Its really just too young. The experience evolves gradually and without you really realizing it. I remember my "lightbulb" moment when I went into a restaurant and ordered a commencial beer. I took a sip, put it down and told my dining companions " you know, this is pretty good but would be even better with a half pound of light chocolate malt" then we all laughed. I suspect Guiness would be none too happy to take suggestions for improvements from the likes of me!!! (my guiness clone has a half pound of chocolate malt in it, you betcha!!!)

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