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Aug 2006
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So, my circle of friends is divided between Belgian brew fans and hop heads. I was thinking of making a brew to help bridge the divide. Anyone know of a really good recipe blend? I'm open about what kind of Belgian to do (strong ale, pale ale, etc) As far as hops, my friends dig cascade the best.

Suggestions are appreciated.


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cascades with belgian yeast esters....not a tasty combination from my pov. Sticking with higher usage of the typical suspects yields a nice belgian with a hoppier edge.

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That's a tough assignment... I don't really know of too many Belgian styles that call for a ton of hop flavor or aroma. They usually tend to use noble hops, as well.

But, the nice thing about Belgian beers is that they aren't as tightly constained as other styles, so, go nuts!
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Ahh, I have one for you. I was in the same perdicament, I love IPAs and I love belgians, so I made and Saison IPA, just entered it in an IPA competition, we'll see what happens but I really like it. Has the bitterness of an IPA but the complex spicy, fruity, earthy flavors as a saison.


Saison IPA

6 lb Rahr 2-Row
6 lb Marris Otter Floor Malt
1 lb CaraPils
1 lb Crystal 20L

Mash at 152*F for 1 hour, 1.5qt/lb. (add 5.25 gallons of 163*F water + ¼ tsp gypsum to grains), sparge twice with ~3.5 gallons of 170*F water, collected about 9 gallons preboil, boiled until down to ~7gallons then,

60 min, 30 min, 10 min, and 2 min additions (8oz total)
1 oz Centennial (10%)
1 oz Cascade (6%)

WLP565 Saison yeast (1L culture from lab, spun down and resuspended in 50mL YPD)

5/21 O.G. 1.071
Pitched at 10pm, airlock activity next morning, by 5/23 much activity
5/24 activity slowed, SG 1.026 (63% attenuation)
6/22 SG still 1.026, racked into a Pacman cake
7/10/06 FG 1.017, bottled w/ ¾ cup corn sugar, 7.2%ABV

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Being a fan of Houblon Chouffe and Urthel Hop-It, I decided to try my hand at a Belgian IPA. You can find my recipe here. I was extremely happy with how it turned out.

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Mar 2006
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I've actually been thinking about this kind of a beer for awhile now. I love the estery spicy flavors in belgians but what bugs me the most is how incredibly THIN these beers are. They are also very lacking in the hop dept. My thinking is use some belgian yeast in an ipa or iipa or possibly a hopped up olde ale maybe even barleywine. To keep a noble hop aroma/flavor/boquet I'd add my favorite noble derived hop, Willamette. Wilamette/Cascade combo with a tiny bit of sorachi ace and chinook(even less of that assertive one) just sounds tassssty to me. Here's my thoughts on an @$$kicker hophead beer with belgian yeast.

15lbs marris otter(British 2row)
4lbs munich(light)
1lbs crystal 40
1lbs crystal 80
.5lbs carafoam
.5lbs melanoidin

2 oz warrior
1oz cascade
1oz willamette
1oz cascade
1oz willamette
2oz cascade
2oz willamette
.5oz chinook
.5oz sorachi ace
----------dry hop-------
1oz cascade
1oz wilamette

I love 3522 | Belgian Ardennes™ so I would try this yeast on this beer. Barleywine with a belgian yeast.
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I recently brewed a version of BierMuncher's Belgian Blonde recipe but used Amarillo hops. It was awesome and the keg was gone in no time. Amarillo is a lot like cascade but smoother. I have replaced all my cascade recipes with amarillo.

Let me know if you want the recipe but it was basically.....

5lb belgian 2 row
3lb wheat malt
1lb caravienne
.5lb flaked oats
.5lb Crystal 10

1 lb flaked wheat pre boil in brewpot

.75 oz amarillo at 60
.5 oz amarillo at 15

Belgian wit yeast. Primary for 1.5 weeks, no secondary.

You can always add more amarillo, this was good beer.
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I just kegged a batch using the orange pale ale recipe found on HBT but I pitched a mix of saison and belgian ale yeast. I used the full 8 oz of Cascade and fermented at about 95. My mash temp was 152. It is great!

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Jun 2007
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if someone knows a clone of Stone Cali-Belique...let me know.
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