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Sep 2011
Illinois, Outside the peoples Republic of Madigan
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Hurricane Sandy got me thinking. Obviously depending on where you live the occurring natural disasters differ, so preparation differs some what. So what are the trends in your area.

In areas I have lived Michigan and illinois you have to prep for snowstorms or a tornado. It's kind of hard to prep for the tornado, since you don't get much warning, and then its pretty much stay inside till its over and hope for the best. So that leaves me with the snowstorm. You usually know its coming, so that means stock up on food, firewood/fuel (if you have a generator) and any other essential objects possibly a snow shovel. The great thing is that if you get to the store late the items most likely to will be sold out will be: Steaks, beer, liquor, bread, TP, and water. Now I understand the first 5 items, but apparently people in my area don't realize that snow is a form of water, and can easily be turned into water by letting it warm up.

So what happens in your neck of the woods?

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Buy ALL the bread and milk in the stores!

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Jul 2011
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Since we live on a small dead end street with only 6 houses, all of us great friends we generally have no need to prep for storms as between the 6 families we could usually feed an army on any given day of the week. Our usual concern is a snowstorm and so we generally make sure we have fuel for the snow blowers and generators, between us all we have 7 so we can power the neighborhood with no problem.

In all honesty, if there is a pending storm we all actually get together and have "storm Parties". Gather up the kids, put together pot lucks, break out the beer and hunker down.
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Apr 2012
Oppelo, Arkansas
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Here in the Arkansas River Valley we see a lot of tornadoes and flash floods. I always keep some water around and I have a mobile scanner with good batteries in it so that I can listen to NWS and everything else. Oh yeah, and I have guns and ammo....LOTS OF E'M. hahaha

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Nov 2008
Tampa, FL
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In FL obviously we have to be prepared for hurricanes. I have a storage unit that I keep our plywood hurricane shutters in, they are all pre-cut and labeled so I know which windows they are for. Thankfully I've not had to hang them yet (we've only lived here for 2 years). I also keep about 6-8 cases of bottled water in there, as well as several large packs of AA, C, and D batteries.

When there is actually the treat of a storm I make sure both of my propane tanks are full so I can use the grill to cook on when the electricity goes out. Also make sure we have plenty of diapers for the kiddo and plenty of food, TP, etc.

We were in DC during the winter of 2009 when they had 3 huge snow storms. I lived in FL the 5 years prior to that and NEVER saw people freak out the way they did in DC for those storms.

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Up north, we never get tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, or anything like that.

We get snow, and lots of it, but we're prepared for it so it doesn't really stop much in life- except maybe school for a day. It's most common for the schools to have a "two hour delay" for super cold temperatures (under 20 below I think) or for snow, that way they don't miss a day of school. But we almost never lose electricity or anything like that.

So, not much in the way of preparation for anything here really.
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Jan 2012
peoria, il
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We usually have enough non perishable food in the basement pantry to get through a week or so. Snow is our main emergency and i keep a small shovel and a bag with blankets, food, and a small pot for melting snow in both of our vehicles. I am lucky in that I still have an old gas stove with standing pilots and also have a fireplace in the living room. I can still cook and keep everyone warm when the power is out.

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Aug 2012
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There is an episode of Basic Brewing Radio from around Katrina talking about how handy some homebrew gear can be in an emergency. Propane burner, carboys or kegs of water, etc.

When I moved to TN from Idaho, I thought the whole 'buy bread and milk' thing was a myth. Nope. First time it snowed here, I had to send friends back home pictures of the empty shelves at the grocery. Wtf are people planning on doing with just bread and milk?

Biggest concern in a storm is that my wife gets stuck at work when her relief never shows.
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Jan 2012
Rockford, IL
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I've never figured out the bread and milk thing either. I go to the store once each week and buy what we need for the week, so unless the storm is going to keep me inside for more than a couple days, I'm good to go. Sometimes it happens that my shopping day falls when there is a blizzard warning out and the people in the store act like they are going to be stranded for weeks! I also get a huge charge out of the people buying up bottled water- most people have 40 gallons of water on hand in their water heater, just tap the drain valve.

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Jul 2012
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Here in CENPA, we usually have to deal with snow, flooding in the valleys, and some possible tornadoes...I made up a kit for my car consisting of a blanket, flashlights, an e-tool, and some tools. I usually have a couple coats and jackets with me and I carry about 3 or 4 lighters because I smoke and a knife or two. The only things I have been considering adding to my kit are one of those folding saws and a mess kit...

I also wondered about the bread and milk thing.

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