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Oct 2011
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What's y'all adverage temp loss when doughing in. Trying to file in my equipment but I'm struggling to get the mash temp right. Seems I always miss and have to add boiling water. What is a good temp to dough in with and stir out dough balls then hit 152. Have a 52 quart Coleman extreme.

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Oct 2008
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I usually get around and 8-10 degree loss from doughing in. Calculating you strike temp and pre-heating your mash tun will help a lot. Use this formula or an online strike temp calculator to calculate your strike temp.

St = (2. / r)*(t2 - t1) + t2

St = strike temp
r = water/grain ratio in (qt/lb)
t2 = desired mash temp
t1 = starting temp of grain
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Apr 2011
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I've found that I lose about 5F from stirring during dough in. So I add 5F to the infusion temp that I get from beersmith. That temperature is in a preheated mashtun. I hit it pretty much every time now.
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I use this calculator. Works pretty good for me.

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My grain is pretty cold (from the basement) so I lose about 11-12 degrees when I add the grain to the strike water.

I lose a lot of heat initially due to the cooler sucking out some of the heat from the water, so I start with 180 degree water and let it cool to 164 and then add the grain. This gives me 153, in a 5 gallon batch. It cools more in a 10 gallon batch, so my strike water is usually 166.
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Jan 2012
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For 5 gal batches I have been striking at 174. After stirring I end with 152-153. However my grains are cold (~62F), and so is the mash tun, I don't pre-heat. For 2.5 gal batches I strike closer to 180, since I lose a lot of heat from the dead space and extra volume.

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Mar 2010
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My heat loss is in line with Yooper's. maybe 11-15 depending on grain temp and grain bill. my grain is usually in the low to mid 60s.

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Sep 2008
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I usually calculate out 13 degrees of heat loss. It is probably closer to 11 but would rather over shoot the temp a degree or two. A little easier to stir and get the temp down than heat the mashtun in my experience.
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Use a calculator(beer smith, the aforementioned rackers one, or anyone you find with google) and add 3-5 degrees to the temp. Then just stir until its where you want it.

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Jan 2012
st paul, mn
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I find that I have a pretty rapid heat loss in the 1st 10 minutes. My grains are cold and I don't preheat. When I first started AG I would take my temp and adjust with hot or cold water right after dough in. Now I wait about 10 minutes and then adjust. I think it may be that the cooler and grain take a bit of time to settle in. Anyone else do this?

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