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Aug 2012
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i currently own no lanterns. can anyone recommend any to have on hand in case the power in the house goes out?

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It's been a long time since I've used a lantern, but when I was a kid we had a gas powered Coleman with the cloth light thingies. That thing worked great and provided more than enough light. Personally I would just go with a wooden torch.
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Sep 2012
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This may sound dumb but there are plenty of really good LED lanterns that are better and way lower maintenance than kerosene. I have both and find myself using the LED lanterns all the time and leaving the kerosene put away.
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Hm subsribed, that is an excelllent question. The main ones I have seen suggested on emergency sites are kerosene powered. They say use K1 clear kerosene and they burn clean. Usually they say to have a couple extra on hand as they may be valuable for barter during emergency times. Provided you have an adequate supply of firearms and ammunitiion of course. This is a drunken ramlign.

A generator is great, BUT unless you have two generators, you do not have a backup. If the first generator fails you are hosed. Plus you need gasoline of fuel to power it, another supply chain issue. Even if you have say 30 gallons gasoline on hand, that is at the most a few days of backup.

SO Good call on the lanterns man.

On on site I saw this guy who had I think four 50 gallon + diesel truck tanks near his shed, all filled with K1 clear kerosene with biocide. Not a bad call I imagine ...

I will say, the cost of preparing some basics for emergencies is not terrible ... and dammit if the @#$@ ever hits the #@$#, which it has from time to time in various areas in history, you will be thankful for having some stuff socked away.

provided you can make it home from work I suppose ...

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gratus fermentatio
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Dietz has made great lanterns for over 100 years:

Or maybe you'd rather use a lamp, They're more expensive, but put out more light & are actually decorative for the house. Aladdin has made great oil lamps for over 100 years:

IMHO, you can't go wrong with either choice.
Regards, GF.

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Apr 2012
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Coleman makes lanterns that not only run on camp fuel but will burn regular gasoline as well.

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You want a Green Lantern.
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We use Coleman multifuel and LED lanterns
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I don't use a lantern often, but when I do, i use a Coleman.

Stay illuminated, my friends.

Seriously, I have two Coleman lanterns which use Coleman fuel (Camp gas) and the mesh thingys (name escapes me now.) They are very bright, if a bit loud, but they are also pretty durable and parts are easy to get and not expensive. Also nice if you don't have ready access to electricity to recharge.

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Coleman rechargable LED lantern. And a Stanley High Intensity waterproof rechargable LED spotlight.

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