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Originally Posted by QuercusMax View Post
What a difference a week makes - I really need to stop critiquing my beers before they've had 2-3 weeks in the bottle. You'd think I would have learned this after 8 years of homebrewing, but no....

The funky ester flavors have mellowed out. Still some esters, but they're generally pleasant. The mouthfeel has filled out. Malt flavors are showing nicely. Maybe I don't hate S04 as much as I thought.
Good to hear it's improving.

In your previous post something that caught my eye was that you washed the yeast after brewing a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout then used it for an ESB. I was uinder the impression that going from lighter (gravity as well as colour/grain bill complexity) to heavier beer was the preferred way to do it, for some reason.
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It is your beer. You can do what you want!

They say that because coming from a dark beer will bring a little color. You wouldn't notice anything going from a stout to an ESB though.

Also, yeast in a high gravity beer won't be as healthy as yeast from a lower gravity beer. He didn't say what his gravities were but it is quite possible that the ESB ABV% was >= the stout's.

If that wasn't the case, it wouldn't be optimal, but it can still be effective.

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My Stout was 1.044, so that should not be an issue (I used LME in a recipe calling for DME). It was dark, but fairly low gravity. My understanding was that the yeast might pick up some color from a dark beer, but that's unrelated to their health. I've had great results going from a dark Mild to bigger paler beers.

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This is great to read this thread - I just racked my oatmeal stout after 4 weeks in the primary and it tastes like sharp hoppy licorice and not a great aftertaste. Not a fan. I REALLY hope mine mellows out after 2-3 weeks in the secondary before bottling.

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Used a safale o4 and it's been stuck at 22 for a week what should I do

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Originally Posted by travisjohnlarsen View Post
Used a safale o4 and it's been stuck at 22 for a week what should I do

Try giving it a shake with a sanitized spoon (do not splash it) that should make er go again


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Check out the myriad threads on homebrewtalk about "stuck fermentation", or "my beer won't finish", or restarting fermentations.

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