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Every year SWMBO and I go to Washington Irving's grave in Sleepy Hollow before attending the Great Pumpkin Blaze. A good time is had. I've always liked graveyards, because every person buried there has their own story. Further, every headstone has its own story. This headstone is almost completely worn, is that because the family couldnt afford a more durable material? This one is obviously Hugenot, seeing as how the cross on top has "clover" sides. This one has the Freemason compass and three links of a chain engraved on it. This one obviously belonged to a rich miserable prick because it is the size of a small castle with a basement, three stories and plate glass doors. How ya like your new digs bro? Oh thats right, youre dead, you dont. Never understood that.

And then there are the epitaphs. Some are more interesting than others.

The McConnellys- "Lovers of Books." Either you really loved books or whomever engraved your stone didnt know you both very well.

"Fought Bravely in the American Revolution" Thanks Brohim

"Paul's Troubles Are No Longer"(no name or date btw)... Wow... just wow

"Fell Asleep in Jesus"... I do NOT like the implications. Not one bit.

"Died as he lived" Um... what?

"Aged 69 years, 5 moths, and 3 days" You neglected hours, minutes and seconds.

"J" Poor buggar

"In a better place" You seem awfully sure of that, not everyone makes the cut, yknow.

And my favorite "Isaac, Dead"... Lets waste no time speaking of Isaac

Personally, I want to be cremated and then shot out of a cannon at a Civil War Reenactment whilst the reenactors first salute formally and later get riproaring drunk toasting to my name, but if I did get buried I would want it to be black marble with my birth and death dates and the epitaph "James tried REALLY hard to never be an @$$hole"
See, that's where the real story is.
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What about this one

Note- semi nsfw
Originally Posted by Yuri_Rage View Post
Sorry, I am sworn as a mod to disagree with the above statement. But as a rational person, I do agree.
Originally Posted by Randar View Post
I was wrong

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Nov 2008
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Back when we still lived in Rochester, my brother and I would ride our bikes through the historic Mt. Hope Cemetary (where Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglas are buried) and we'd have a "contest" to see who could find the earliest "born" date. Lot's of pre-1750s in there. That always blew my mind...
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Originally Posted by dataz722 View Post
What about this one

Note- semi nsfw
They neglect to mention the headstone is stained in a fashion that it appears a dog keeps walking up to it and pissing on it...

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See me here as you pass by,
As you are now so once was I,
As I am now you soon shall be,
So prepare yourself to follow me.

I saw that on a marker once. For whatever reason it stuck with me. And depending on my mood it either strikes me as profound or spooky as hell.
Does that make me an ***hole?

No, that's not what makes you an ***hole.

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Dec 2009
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"Here Lies Lester More
Four Shots With a .44
No Les, No More"

we'd have a "contest" to see who could find the earliest "born" date. Lot's of pre-1750s in there. That always blew my mind...
I remember visiting ancient cemeteries when we traveled out East as a kid. I remember lots of "Born...Died" dates that were just days apart. That blew my mind.
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[QUOTE="frazier"]"Here Lies Lester More
Four Shots With a .44
No Les, No More"

That one is in the movie "Tombstone" isn't it?

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SWMBO...... NSFW...... All these texting codes make me feel older! I don't text much, when I do I write what I'm saying, so I have to google these things every time.
Let's see if I keep this updated!

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gratus fermentatio
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You might find this interesting:
Regards, GF.

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I love old cemeteries. My house is surrounded by two large cemeteries, and in the woods is a third that was 'forgotten' until very recently. We used to walk around at night, very peaceful.
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